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 Names of G'd ant their use in practical Quabbalah

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PostSubject: Names of G'd ant their use in practical Quabbalah   Tue Sep 29, 2009 3:31 pm

There are 72 names of G’d in Quabbalah , but none is an actual name , but some sort of representation of it . We do not know the name of G’d , since humans give names to things and beings and thus giveth them names claim somewhat rights over the same .

The most important is certainly JHVH as shown in one of me previous articles called “The Unpronounceable Supreme name” We can use it for almost anything from protection to flying .

Another of similar kind is AGLA , that is not really a name , nor a word at all . But I will write a specific article on AGLA ( note that this particular one is made under influence of Qubbalah and Hebrew mysticism in general , but not originally made in the system ).

There are particularly important of G’d and, I will talk about them that seem most important , because I can not obviously cover 72 names in a single article and information on them is very accessible an easy to find .


Hebrew for "Lord" (Hebrew: אֲדֹנָי). Formally, this is plural ("my Lords"), but the plural is usually construed as a respectful, and not a syntactic plural. (The singular form is Adoni, "my lord". This was used by the Phoenicians for the god Tammuz and is the origin of the Greek name Adonis. Jews only use the singular to refer to a distinguished person: in the plural, "rabotai", literally, "my masters", is used in both Mishnaic and modern Hebrew.)
Since pronouncing YHWH is avoided out of reverence for the holiness of the name, Jews use Adonai instead in prayers, and colloquially would use Hashem ("the Name"). When the Masoretes added vowel pointings to the text of the Hebrew Bible around the eighth century CE, they gave the word YHWH the vowels of Adonai, to remind the reader to say Adonai instead. Later Biblical scholars mistook this vowel substitution for the actual spelling of YHWH and interpreted the name of God as Jehovah.

We use Adonai in Invocations , Evocations and Exorcisms mainly . It is a Name that strikes fear into Demons and other creatures . Thus very useful.


Ehyeh asher ehyeh (Hebrew: אהיה אשר אהיה) is the sole response given to Moses when he asks for God's name (Exodus 3:14). It is one of the most famous verses in the Hebrew Bible. The Tetragrammaton itself derives from the same verbal root. The King James version of the Bible translates the Hebrew as "I am that I am" and uses it as a proper name for God.

We use this name basically only for Truth spells and If we want to determine the name of some entity .
For example , write this name in red on a piece of parchment and place it in Your projective hand . Now lay Your hand on the possessed person or even floor of the haunted place saying : In the Name of The one Who is I command You , tell me Your name !

El or Ell

The word El appears in other northwest Semitic languages such as Phoenician and Aramaic. In Akkadian, ilu is the ordinary word for god. It is also found in Old South Arabian and in Amharic/Ethiopian, and, as in Hebrew, it is often used as an element in proper names. In northwest Semitic texts it often appears to be used of one single god, perhaps the head of the pantheon, sometimes specifically said to be the creator.

There are few that we should pay attention in particular

El Elyon - to gain authority over sonmething to bend it to our will , compell , inocarions , evocations, Exorcism
El Shaddai ("God Almighty"), - much like previous name , also for Successes and Wishes coming true , Amplification of other spells
El `Olam ("Everlasting God"), El Hai ("Living God"), Names used mainly in Evocations , Bindings and restraining , ex I compel You in The name of Ever Living G’d El Olam , El Hai , also for prolonging life and Youth , preserving and protection . To state the omnipresence of G’d and his Eternal power
El Ro'i ("God of Seeing"), Magickal powers , divination , scrying
El Gibbor ("God of Strength") The name says it , for strength and protection

Mind that in Invocations or exorcism These Names are usually recited in length , one after another on the end or beginning of the Invocation


In the Septuagint and other early translations Shaddai was translated with words meaning "Almighty". The root word "shadad" (שדד) means "to overpower" or "to destroy". This would give Shaddai the meaning of "destroyer" as one of the aspects of God. Thus it is essentially an epithet. Harriet Lutzky has presented evidence that Shaddai was an attribute of a Semitic goddess, linking the epithet with Hebrew šad "breast" as "the one of the Breast", as Asherah at Ugarit is "the one of the Womb".[12]
Another theory is that Shaddai is a derivation of a Semitic stem that appears in the Akkadian shadû ("mountain") and shaddā`û or shaddû`a ("mountain-dweller"), one of the names of Amurru. This theory was popularized by W. F. Albright but was somewhat weakened when it was noticed that the doubling of the medial d is first documented only in the Neo-Assyrian period.

We use Shadai in spells to vanquish evil , or punish someone , harm from righteous reasons and express righteous anger or curse . To combat evil or threatening .

Here are some of the Names in Hebrew

Thsi is El 'Olam

This is El Elyon

This is El Roi inscription on a ring

El Shadai , or simply Shadai


All of these can also be inscribed in Hexagrams on parchment than burned , inscribed on candles , objects , Vibrated and similar[img]

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Names of G'd ant their use in practical Quabbalah
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