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 Amulets and Seals of Quabbalah

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PostSubject: Amulets and Seals of Quabbalah   Wed Oct 28, 2009 3:07 am

Amulets and symbols magick of Quabbalah

Some of the most used amultets and symbols come of today come from Quabbalah .

Like the star of David or a hexagram used to invoke , evoke or banish and compel spirits . Hexagram is representation of maxima As above so below by Hermes Trigeminus . It also represents the four alchemical elemental symbols united .

Than there is for example a Hand of Miriam , an amulet to dispel the evil eye and repel enchantments .

Not to mention that the very TETRAGRAMATON , is a powerful amulet for itself .

Other than amulets we have Celestial or Angelic characters well known from books as Goetia or Ars Armadel , which are basically seals used in invocation and evocations formulas ( I mentioned those in article about Invocation avocation procedure ).

There are also inevitable pentacles of Solomon that are somewhat a mixture of amulet talisman and evocation seals. They have however an amazing resemblance to Voodoo weves .

They can be made in metal , correspondent to planets or simply the one that seems most appropriate . The ones available for purchase are most commonly made in silver , or rather engraved on it . But they can be drawn on parchment or even simply on the ground. As for Solomon pentacles they can be carried as talismans , burned on parchment , buried or placed in water to cause rain even .

Now here are few example:

The seal of 24th spirit in Goetia called Naberius , used to summon and constrain it

The hand of Miriam or hamsa , known also as handof Fatma at Muslims

From the Sixtth Book of Moses , talisman or seal that brings luck and favour of all who are near You

6th and seals of Mars, sixth is good for compelling and restraining demons

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Amulets and Seals of Quabbalah
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