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 Quabbalah candle

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PostSubject: Quabbalah candle   Sun Oct 25, 2009 3:54 pm

Quabbalah obedience candle

You will need a beeswax candle , white or natural beeswax candle , a carving tool , some dry hyssop , some dry basil and some agalophotis .
You will need this oil to anoint the candle : base oil 10 ml , 2 drops of sandalwood , 2 drops of cedar , a drop of frankincense oil or two small pieces of frankincense tears .
Inscribe the candle on the middle with following names : JHVH TETRAGRAMTON , ANaPRAXATON , PRIMEUATOn , AdONAi , EHeiEH , AGLA and a hexagram on the top of the candle where the wick is .
Recite theese Psalms over the candle 7x with in this order 9th , 10th , 11th , and 91st .
Then srinkle the candle with hyssop and basil and If obtainable agalophotis.

Lit it pins evil spirits and makes them be obedient . If they decide to refuse the obedience they vanquished and will never bother You again . Good to lit during invocations so that You can perform it without trickery or the illusions and any form of disturbance or disobedience .

Blessed be !

Since I come up with this I would like to be informed if this is used elswhere
M.V. aka Shadow
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Quabbalah candle
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