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 Quabbalah spells

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PostSubject: Quabbalah spells   Mon Sep 28, 2009 7:59 am

Spells of Quabbalah

Many Quabbalists shall tell You that spellcasting in quabbalah is strictly individual and that there is not a single quabbalah spell out there in instructions form .

For Quabbalist his path is a spiritual journey of wisdom and each spell is usually for a single use . It can be as simple as lighting a candle on altar or lamp ( used a lot in Quabbalah ) , or simply picturing doing this . This represents the Quabbalists soul ascending and approaching to the G’d which is the ultimate goal of majority of Quabbalah practitioners. Or it can be as complicated as drawing to perfection complexed seals , with specific self-made inks or paints made in days of silence and celibacy , and reading lines and lines on Invocations and Evocations .

Now If You have read my previous articles You have noticed that they were about “practical”, “ applicable” information , all with intention for You to get an idea for making and using Your own quabbalistic spells .

Since You can learn abouth theory of Quabbalah from any good book on the subject ( I suggest Dion Fortune “The mystical Quabbalah” and Israel Regardie’s “Tree of Life” Franz Bardon “The Key for true Quabbalah” ) I shall continue to post articles on practical use of Quabbalah , adapted for Modern practitioners .

So here are the few tips on making Your own Quabbalistic spells

- There are 72 Names of God in Quabbalah , each magickal and with it’s own purpose , 10 of them are very important and more powerful than others and 22 Angelic names .
I shall write about them in another article probably .
However , You can use these names as talismans , altar covers , candle inscriptions or simply write them on parchment , vibrate the name written and visualiye the positive outcome.

- In magickal working of Quabbalah planetary and Abgelic correspondences are very important . If You are not already familiar with this correspondences I am sure You will be able to find them, but keep in mind that some correspondences out there are Christianity orientated . The Easiest way to differ them is simply by Archangelic correspondences , in Quabbalah Samael is considered lapsed Angel , sometimes confused with Sa’an . However this is not the case in Christianity , where he is one of 7 main Archangels , at least in Catholics .
You can use angels and planetary correspondences to match the colors of candles with Your intention , Invoke Celestial powers or simply do the spell in correct planetary hour .

- Quabbalsts use ceremonial magick tools
- They use Psalms
- Qubbalah is extremely rich in symbols and amulets
- Even Gem and Herbal magick are used in Quabbalah , originated both from Quabbalah and other sources
- Vibration of Names , Mantras and Tantras can be used along with Quabbalistic rituals
- Sometimes it is suggested restriction from certain activities , fasting or celibacy , also all spells used in ancient Grimoires Solomons and alike are applicable to Quabbalah as they are based on it

If You have any other Question , just ask me !

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Quabbalah spells
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