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 psychic Development part2 -opening the 3rd eye

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PostSubject: psychic Development part2 -opening the 3rd eye   Sun Sep 27, 2009 6:11 pm

Opening the Third Eye

ALWAYS do your Spiritual Protection Exercise first, ONLY then are you ready or able to open safely.

1) Speak a personal prayer that relates to what you do.


"Please grant me the ability to impart love, light and insight with clarity and perception"


"Can you please help me to speak confidently and accurately to help this person along their way". Choose words you are comfortable with & clearly state your good intent to Spirit, yourself and others.

2)If you know your Spirit guide by name, and have had introduction to them previously (see Meet Your Spirit Guide) you can call upon them by name to ask for their help and guidance now ..

– however –

If you haven’t had an introduction to your guide yet DO NOT offer a general invite at this point for all and sundry in Spirit to guide you. Ask for the angels to work with your guide and for your loved ones to draw near and protect you as you work. Never EVER say “is there anybody there?” :0)

Now onto the next step:

3)The Third Eye

I find it useful to visualise a "third eye" opening up when I am ready to communicate. You can open your mind to spirit communication in a variety of ways and can see this as anything that resonates with you.

For example :

a third beautiful eye on the centre of your brow, any colour you like

a rose or any flower you love blooming petal by petal,

a sunrise, stage by stage

a tap being turned on and water flowing from it

a dam opening

a beam of pure light emanating from your eyes or from your crown chakra up into spirit.

A door opening into a room of light

Curtains opening onto a bright lit movie screen

Your visualisation of opening up is your own, so you may visualise anything positive that helps you, or any combination of things.

Keep your breathing deep and even, feel clean and pure energy rushing in and protection and love all around you.

If you feel at all scared or unsafe at any time then close down immediately (click here for how to close safely!)

Now feel the connection reaching out from you, stretching out and expanding outwards and upwards to spirit - feel your aura expand outwards and upwards as you do. (If you feel more comfortable by just sending an offshoot of your aura (picture a solar flare) then do so).

This is raising your vibrational energy – imagine every atom and molecule in your body speeding up as they vibrate in place,faster and faster..

Feel with your mind and heart together. Some people experience a mental shift, or click - others experience numbness of part of the face, arms or legs which indicates for them that a connection is made.

Reach outwards and connect with spirit. Feel safe in the knowledge you are protected and loved, that any communication is in love and light with pure intent only.

Ask for loved ones and your guide to draw close and ask for any experience to be only for your greater good.

It is a good idea to have a notebook and pen handy to write down what you see feel and hear afterwards.

What sensations do you feel within your body?

What can you hear, see, and smell?

Do you feel any cold or warm spots?

Do have an impression of someone drawing close to you?

What emotions do you feel, and do these feel like yours?

Do you feel a light touch on your hair, hands or face?

Initially only remain open for 5 or 10 minutes in your first session. You can increase this by a few minutes daily but don't exceed 30 minutes until you are able to communicate with confidence.

Make sure to date your notes as you can refer back and chart your progress and see how far you progress in a short space of time. Make sure you write down any experiences you have outside of your designated meditation times too.
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psychic Development part2 -opening the 3rd eye
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