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 psychic Development part4- a closing down exercise

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PostSubject: psychic Development part4- a closing down exercise   Sun Sep 27, 2009 6:13 pm

Closing down after any spirit communication or unwelcome spirit attention is equally as important, if not more so, as opening up correctly.

If you don’t close down in the correct way, you will be vulnerable to psychic attack and negative energy as well as experiencing unwelcome psychic and spiritual communication and attention.

Some people get stuck in "transmit and receive" mode unawares, and are constantly baffled by the stream of what they see, hear and feel. It’s a bit like living in the middle of a city & leaving your front door wide open with a big sign saying "Come in" - someone will eventually come in & take advantage !!

Being psychically open at inappropriate times can make you feel like you have an untuned radio blaring static in your head – it is most unpleasant and prevents you from functioning on a day to day level and can leave you feeling ungrounded and unfocused.

If in doubt as to whether you may be open or not, do a closing visualisation anyway.

Closing Down Exercise

Please be respectful when directing any thoughts or words to Spirit, even if you are scared or you feel as if an unpleasant entity means you distress and deserves to be shouted at. All you are doing is the spiritual equivalent of poking an angry dog with a big stick! Be calm, respectful and polite, no matter what you feel.

1)Thank Spirit for all they have shown and imparted during your meditation/ sitting/ unintended experience.

2)Ask Spirit (politely and humbly) to withdraw their energies (never use foul language) and thank them for choosing to communicate.

3)Breathe deeply, focus, and visualise your third eye closing – reverse whatever visualisation exercise you did to open it.

If you did not open up intentionally, visualise a beautiful third eye on your central brow, and gently close it, padlocking the eyelids firmly shut and turning a key. Place the key in a box.

4)Imagine closing and bolting a secure door on your psychic mind and the visual scene in your head, drawing a heavy curtain across the door. Repeat the spiritual protection exercise .

See yourself, any loved ones present, and your home /place you are in, all sealed in the same white light you are sealed in. Visualise the light travelling to each corner, each door and window sealing in love and protective energies. Place an umbrella or dome of this same white light over the building you are in too.

You are now closed down.

If you go through the same exercises each time you open up and close down it will strengthen your ability to "switch on and off". Make it unique, and special to you, make it part of your everyday spiritual practice and routine. It is the best self defence you can give yourself.

Remember there are some inappropriate times and places for being "open" – be responsible about where and when. Learn where it feels appropriate, and equally as important, get an instinctive feel about when and where not to be open.

In the early days of your development especially, take extra care to protect yourself at all times.

Use these techniques every day and given practice you will be safe with the communication you receive. It takes time, so be patient and persevere!!

Good luck!
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psychic Development part4- a closing down exercise
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