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 psychic attacks and deffences

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PostSubject: psychic attacks and deffences   Sun Sep 27, 2009 7:09 am

Many people involved in Pagan and Wiccan spirituality find themselves, at some point, worrying about magical attack. What if someone casts a spell on me? How will I know? What do I do? More importantly, how do I protect myself so that it doesn’t happen in the first place?
Well, first of all, relax. Chances are really good that you're not going to be the victim of a magical attack at all. Here's why: it takes a certain amount of skill and effort to magically attack someone with a curse or hex, and honestly, many people aren't interested in putting forth that much work, and of those, many do not have the skill level required for a magical strike. In other words, not everyone who talks the talk can walk the walk. That having been said, if someone is willing to put forth the effort and they have the ability to craft an effective spell, it's possible you could be the victim of a deliberate, concentrated attack.
Be aware, also, that in most cases, someone who tells you they've hexed, cursed, or otherwise put a spell on you is the one least likely to be able to do so.
What is a magical attack? It's a curse or a hex, that's designed to make things go badly for you. If there are other circumstances in place, it's probably not a magical attack. Maybe you're just having a run of bad luck. Sometimes, it's just a matter of changing your lifestyle, or looking at mundane causes. Let's take a look at how to tell if you're under a magical attack. Ask yourself these questions:
Is there someone in your life that you have angered or offended in some way?
Is that person someone who has the magical knowledge to place a harmful spell on you?
Is a hex or curse the only possible explanation for what is happening to you?
If the answer to all three is "yes", then it's possible you've been cursed or hexed. If that's the case, then you need to take protective measures.
Many people also choose to use divination as a way of determining whether they're the victim of a hex or a curse, but if you do this, bear in mind that your own fears and worries may effect the outcome. It's better to have the divination done by an objective party who isn't aware of your concerns. Ask a trusted friend to do the divination, and see if they come to the same conclusions that you have.
If you feel you've genuinely been the victim of a magical attack, the first thing to do is protect yourself from further mischief. Once you've done that, you need to get started on removal of the curse or hex. There are several methods of doing this. Some examples that may be used successfully include:
Create a "magic mirror" spell which bounces the hex or curse back to its sender*
Create a doll or poppet to take the damage in your place
Perform a working that will remove negative influences from your life
Use meditation, Reiki, chakra healing, or other energy work to lift the spell
For general protection, most people use a simple shielding method. This is a psychic shell that one draws around themselves. You can do this either by casting a circle of protection and recharging it periodically, or you can charge an amulet or talisman with protective properties. This will be an effective way of protecting you in the majority of magical attacks.
Property and vehicles can be protected as well. You can place a magical barrier or ward around your yard, keep a protective amulet or talisman in your car, or even set up a shield around your desk at work.
If you're going to put together a working for magical protection, you may want to use some of these correspondences.
Magical Herbs
Acacia: protects against psychic attack
Agrimony: useful for returning harmful energy to its original source
Basil: warns off negative magic
Black thorn: reverses a spell
Cayenne: returns negative energy to its source
Coffee: neutralizes harmful magic
Dragon's Blood resin: protection
Hyssop: purification and defensive magic
Mugwort: protects against astral attack, or psychic attack in dreams
Patchouli: returns harmful magic
Solomon's Seal: protects against negative energy
St. John's Wort: purifies and protects against psychic attack
Vetivert: use to break a hex or curse
Wormwood: use in uncrossing rituals, to remove hexes or curses upon you
Yarrow: psychic protection
Yucca: prevents attack via sympathetic magic
Crystals and Gemstones
Amber: protects against psychic attack
Amethyst: protects from negative energy
Black onyx: protects against harmful magic
Fire agate: for protection of the aura
Hematite: use for protection of home and property, as well as to fend off psychic attack
Malachite: repels hostile magical attacks
Obsidian: provides protective energies
Quartz: use to protect yourself from hexes or curses
Ruby: use to defend against magical attacks related to emotions
Selenite: for shielding against negative outside influences
Psychic attack is simply negative energy that someone sends with the conscious or unconscious intention to inflict harm upon you, your life or your family. Harm can be launched towards your emotional, physical, spiritual or mental state. Those negative energies can be projected in the form of thought, based mainly upon jealousy toward you. It can also happen for many reasons other than jealousy.

My belief is that psychic attack can be influenced 98% of the time by someone in your surrounding that you already know, even friends or family members, although is not always intentional, as I said before these thought forms can be sent either sent consciously or unconsciously. When they are sent unconsciously, the person sending the thoughts are doing so without their own awareness and jealousy, envy or anger are usually the motivation behind them. A consciously attack is when someone deliberately means harm to you and can be compared to black magic, witchcraft and spell casting.

Remember that psychic attack is less about you than it is about the weakness of your attacker.

Reasons Why Someone Might Attack You Psychially
They are jealous.
Your life is progressing forward while theirs is stagnant.
They are envious of your looks, your career, your wife or husband, your environment.
They are living in their dark side at the moment
Lack of self conviction.
If you consciously send negative energy toward someone else with the intention of inflicting harm, then what you send is exactly what you will attract upon yourself in your own life. The Universal Law of karma states that what goes around comes back around to you multiplied.
Symptoms of a Psychic Attack
Here are some examples of what you can experience whilst under a psychic attack.
Dreaming very frightening nightmares.
Seeing your attacker in a devilish way, either in your dreams, your meditation or in your thoughts.
Feeling tired and depleted of energy constantly and for no reason.
Having pains in the same place at the same time on a regular basis.
Experiencing illness or pains in areas of weakness that your attacker is already aware of.
Lack of concentration and feelings of laziness when it comes to completing daily tasks.
Having unusually painful, even severe cases, headaches accompanied with vomiting or dizziness.
Questioning or doubting your direction in life, even after having been aware of your direction beforehand.
Having thoughts and images of your attacker creeping into your mind constantly.
Feeling that you are being watched and seeing shadows around you from the corner of your eye, even when you are alone.
The worst kind of psychic attack can inflict feelings of having a heart attack, and feelings of the desire to commit suicide.
How to Heal Psychic Attacks
Becoming aware of the psychic attack through identification of the unusual events that are taking place in your life will help to diminish the effect of the attack by 75%.
Ask your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels to help you stop the attack and for protection, even if you do not know them or believe in them, asking them is enough, your faith is not required for them to do their work, although it helps.
DO NOT SEND similar energy or thoughts to your attacker. Send only the pure white energy of light directly from the Universe, the Source or from the GOD of your own belief.
Remember you attacker is the weaker one so instead of returning thoughts of anger, hate or fear to them try to feel compassion toward him or her and send them light, love and blessings to help them see and heal their own darkness.
Every time your attacker comes into your mind, imagine that you are showering them with the pure light of the Universe. Always change the way you send your light by imagining it being sent in different ways and always remember to keep your protection around you.
Work on yourself. The most important way of protecting yourself from the effect of psychic attack in the first place is to be emotionally strong and stable and do not allow others to identify with your fears because this reveals your weakness. Try to identify with your own emotional issues and fears and heal them, this way you are protecting yourself from being emotionally vulnerable, making you less likely to absorb the effects of the negative energies.

Our world is part of a beautiful Universe that surrounds us. We live in a world of natural beauty, harmony and perfection, but unfortunately humanity is playing its part in destroying that beauty. We live a life that’s based on fear, anger, hate and the wish to bring harm to each others, all the while disregarding the many blessings that exist around us in our world.

What is happening to us, does anybody really care? We live in a world of contradiction, contradiction that exists everywhere, in our continent, our country, our city, our neighborhood and even within ourselves. We enjoy making each other suffer, we enjoy seeing each other suffer, and all because it makes us feel better about ourselves in some ways because of all the fear, hate, anger, and jealousy that exists in our life. This is something we can all relate to on some level in our everyday life.

In this article, I would like us all to take a look within ourselves, and take a moment to step aside from the world that surrounds us.
You are not happy so you wish everyone around you unhappiness.
You are not able to deal with your own issues so you feel jealous of others who have worked on themselves.
You made some wrong decisions and wish that everyone around you did the same. You feel rage and anger towards anyone around you who seems to live happy and well rounded life.
We all come into this life to learn about ourselves first, then to learn about other experiences. Each one of us has different things to learn with different experiences to go through.

If you decided to become a doctor, then those are for your own reasons that mean something only to you.

If you became a psychic, again you did so for your own reasons and those reasons means something to you alone.

You became whatever you did for your own reasons that mean something to only you. So with that I am happy for you, and hope you are also happy for me, because in the end we are both here to acquire our experiences, to go through them and then learn about ourselves as individuals.

Your Soul is the upper hand in your life because your experiences play a part in your Souls evolution. You accepted the challenges and the tasks that would take place of your life before you were even born. You agreed to live out this part of your evolution, so why you keep complaining? Why you keep blaming? What is it about yourself that you are so unhappy about?

Life is a school where in areas we pass our tests and in others we fail. Regardless, you need to learn to keep moving and trying to improve upon ourselves. None of us are perfect, and if we were then what are we doing here? Some part of your experiences is your karma and other parts are just your lessons in this lifetime. You attract the people into your life that mirror something in you and you attract teachers who can help you enhance and attune your performance in this lifetime.

Life is hard as you make it so stop complicating it! You are all trying to cope with your daily activities and trying to have less hardship and abuse inflicted upon you. I mean, isn’t life hard enough without adding to it with the personal abuse you bring upon yourselves?

Regardless of your position in life, whether you are a teacher, a coach, a master, a doctor or even a president, let me remind you kindly that you are still a human being. Unless you have the Soul of an ascended Master then you will have to go through some major and minor issues in your life. We are all here to progress and to learn how to deal with our own life, this is part of the responsibility that comes with being alive and there is no getting away from it.

As I mentioned before, many people becoming jealous of others anytime they see someone trying to better themselves in any way and cope with their life in a positive way. This leads to negative thoughts and feelings toward others, and whether those thoughts and feelings are conscious or unconscious this leads to psychic attack being projected to those people.
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PostSubject: Re: psychic attacks and deffences   Thu Oct 22, 2009 6:39 pm

there is a simple trick here, we all know about... GROUNDING, this is the Most Simple and Most Powerful tool there is.

First off, you do not have to just ground from just the Root / Base Chakra, you may ground to energy masses as well. you may also ground other people, play with grounding and see what happens.

Remember any half way decent psychic can have 20-30 grounding cords going at any time. I myself have 150-300 cords going on people and things all the time.

by grounding an energy mass,it also makes it easier to track. because it is in your control. you may deal with it as you wish.

Many so thought of attacks are done with good intentions, they focused on a similiar type of energy say a past life,where your perception of it is far different then theirs. so look in to it.. before you start flaming them.
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psychic attacks and deffences
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