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 psychic Development part3 - aura's, color and creative visualization

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PostSubject: psychic Development part3 - aura's, color and creative visualization   Sun Sep 27, 2009 6:12 pm

There are many ways in which one can meditate, and everyone has a different way which suits them. Learning to quiet the mind at will, or turning inwards is one of the most crucial tools in psychic and spiritual development.

Meditation is something that does take some time to learn. Please do not become frustrated if your mind fills with thoughts when you first begin! Just keep trying and it will finally “click” for you. It should become a natural and effortless thing, so that when you feel stress you will be equipped to know how to relax quickly.

Some frequently asked questions :

Why Meditate?
People who meditate regularly become less stressed, let the small (or big) stuff go straight over their heads, feel calmer, happier and more at peace. The senses become sharper and you may even enhance your psychic capabilities too or meet your spirit guides.

What happens when you meditate?
Real mental and physical relaxation!

Your brain waves shift from waking state to alpha state, the same state as us clairvoyants and mediums shift to. Your waking mind and subconscious mind work as one, bringing clarity, focus, understanding, peace, happiness, and positivity. Your problems seem lessened, and your feeling of contentment increases. You feel at peace with the world.

How do we meditate?
There are many, different ways to meditate. None 'better' than any other, it's a matter of individual choice. A few examples:

Focusing on:



a candle - stare at it, what can you see in the flame?

A crystal – feel its smoothness or its texture, how cool or warm it is to the touch

Sound. Listening to calming music, or use a mantra, constant repetition of a word or phrase can help to quiet the mind if thoughts keep popping in.

A single word, examining what it means to you, what memories it invokes etc.

Touch - fabric, worry beads, a crystal.
Meditate on a particular issue - ask a question and wait in the stillness for some guidance

Movement – go for a slow walk in a pleasant space, be aware of your movements - each step – be truly in the moment and feel how your weight moves through your feet, how your hips move etc.

Affirmations and/or visualisations for specific issues.
Guided visualisations, cds or visual aids

How often should I meditate?
Regular practice will yield best results.
If possible, try at least 10 minutes, daily. If you can discipline yourself to do it for a few days you will then most likely find that you look forward to it and miss it when you can't manage it. You will notice the effects very quickly and find yourself going back into medi mode several times a day - because it's a wonderful place to be - and because you can!
However if you really can't manage every day, obviously occasionally is better than never.

When should I meditate?
Whenever you can! At around the same time each day if you can, to add to the 'ritual' (see next paragraph). Whenever you get the chance!

Where should I meditate?
Anywhere you can! In the office, on a train, in a traffic jam (NOT while actually driving though!). In a museum or art gallery, walking, waiting for the bus. Be selective about the techniques used depending on the setting, but it's fine to do a meditation on the moment, for example, when eating a meal, appreciate the qualities of your food : its colour, texture, shape, smell, temperature and flavour.

For regular practise at home you may want to designate a particular space. This could be a cushion on the floor, a corner of the garden shed or a whole room. Perhaps you’d like a little meditation altar and furnish it with things you love. Candles, incense, crystals, aromatic oils, a small bell, some feathers, stones, flowers, twigs - whatever means something to you. Performing a ritual such as lighting candles, burning incense , ringing the bell, playing your singing bowl or a gentle piece of music will eventually shorten the time it takes for you to reach a meditative state, because you will become 'conditioned' by the ritual and go within without any effort.

Learning to meditate is a major key to your psychic development.

Here are some easy, short meditations which may help you to find your own way of meditating.


Grounding is when we need to have a strong base and centred energy to begin psychic work or meditation, it is how we shed the dross of the day and prepare ourselves to work safely, in the moment.

Meditation 1

This works great for those times at work when you just can't seem to keep your feet still or relax.

Place your feet flat on the floor and breathe in deeply. On the exhale, picture the excess energy flowing out of your feet and into the Earth.

Keep doing this until you feel calm. Usually my feet feel very heavy after doing this.

Meditation 2

Breathe deep from your root chakra at the base of your spine or even visualise yourself breathing up through your feet.

Feel and “see” the earth beneath your feet, you may even wish to imagine the smell of the earth..

Visualise roots growing from within the earth, wrapping firmly around your feet and ankles, up around your calves to the knees. See these roots anchored securely around a black tourmaline crystal sphere deep within the earth.

Be safe in the knowledge that any energy that isn't your own will leave your auric field and will travel down these roots into the earth and be transformed into positive energy.

With either of these grounding meditations complete you are now ready to go on with any meditation.. some of the following may be useful:

A Centring Meditation:

Sit any way that you feel comfy, so long as your spine is straight.

Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Take very long and very deep breaths through your nose.

Each time you breathe in, hold it for 2 or 3 seconds and then slowly exhale. Continue this breathing until you feel very calm and peaceful. This usually takes 3-5 minutes
( but that is just me).

Take as long as you need. It is different for everyone. Just go at your own pace.

You can also use sound to centre yourself. Just sit quietly and ring a small bell or chimes, or use a Tibetan singing bowl.

Focus on the soft sound and breathe deeply.

Keep making the noise until you feel centred.

A Basic Meditation with a Candle or Incense

This is a useful meditation for relaxation, relieving stress and beginning your journey into more complex visualisation and meditations.

This meditation is very important in quieting the mind, which is a stepping stone to other meditations and visualisation.

Before you begin this meditation it is important to understand the purpose behind it. What should be achieved is the feeling of your thoughts slowing down and hopefully in time, you will reach the point of turning your thoughts off completely.

It is quietness you are seeking.

A few recommendations before beginning:

Choose a quiet location where you will not be disturbed, a lot of people find the bath the best place to meditate.

Wear comfortable clothes (or obviously none if you are in the bath! :0)). Dim the lights as much as possible. If you are new to meditation, it may be helpful to begin by doing your meditation in the morning when you first get out of bed. Your mind won’t be as full with the thoughts of the day and it will be easier to quieten down the thoughts that do pop in.

A focal point is required for this form of meditation, a candle or incense or anything simple as your focal point will do, even a dot on a wall!

Begin in a reclined but seated position, either in a comfortable chair, recliner or in the bath.

Position the object you are using as your focal point at eye level in front of you.

To begin, look at your object and focus all your attention on it. Notice the flame of the candle and how it bends this way and that. Notice how the smoke rises from the incense, or notice the shape of the dot on the wall. Notice the details of the object you are using and focus on them.

Now as you are doing this, begin to notice your breathing. Breathe in through your nose as deeply and slowly as you can….but don’t make yourself uncomfortable.

Then hold the breath for a few seconds and exhale through your mouth.

Try to keep this relaxed breathing going throughout your meditation. Remember it takes time to get used to and it really is not a big deal if you begin breathing through your mouth again.

In and out ..breathe slowly as you focus on your object……

After a few minutes, you will notice that your eyes want to close….allow them to.

When your eyes close, begin focusing on the back of your eyelids. You will notice that random thoughts will enter your mind…Try not to think of them but just notice they are there and let them go.

Breathe deeply and just let go…..If thoughts come, just let them pass on by…….Soon you will begin to slow or completely stop your thinking process….You will feel very relaxed .. See how long you can go.

Now once you begin to notice thoughts once again, its time to bring yourself back to the present.

Keep breathing deeply, but begin to notice the back of your eyelids again. Become aware of your surroundings and slowly open your eyes…You should feel very refreshed and relaxed


Psychic Development 4 - Closing Down or read on for more meditations..

Power of the Sea Medi

Clear your mind, have no distractions around you.

Close your eyes and breathe deep:

Listen to the gentle waves

Calmness is within you

See how the sunlight glints and plays on the waves

Look far out to sea, as far as the horizon takes you

Feel the breeze, let it inside with a deep breath Feel the soft sand between your toes

Sit in the warm sand

Allow the oceans power inside - breathe deeply and slowly in time with the waves

See the white curl on the crest of the wave

You are breathing with the ocean

Feel its force and its gentleness as one

The waves rhythmic lull fill your senses

You are calmed and rested.

Springtime Meadow

With eyes closed and breathing deep and even:

Take yourself to a spring meadow

Look at all the colours around you, feel the greenery
You feel warm under the gentle spring sun

Hear the birds song

Smell the fresh grass, run your fingertips across the grasses

Catch the scent of wild flowers

Find a spot to lie in the long grasses and admire the sky

Relax, stretch out all your limbs

Breathe in with all of your senses

Let your spirit be infused with these elements

You feel content with the earth

You are peaceful and happy

Recharged with energy, you breathe in and out in long deep breaths

Feel the energy course through you

You are cleansed and ready to face the rest of your day.

Colours of the Chakra Medi:

To visualise your chakras, try to picture them as spinning balls of energy. Visualise each colour cleansing its chakra.

This is a great start for the day, boosting energies and motivating the spirit!

Root / Base Chakra:
Bright red

Sacral / Sexual Chakra:
Bright orange

Solar Plexus Chakra:
Sunny yellow

Heart Chakra:
Bright green or a bright pink

Throat Chakra:
Light blue

Third Eye Chakra:
Transparent indigo

Crown Chakra:
Violet or white

Coloured Candle Medi

Candle colours are the basic colours associated with the Chakras.
They can be used to enhance any meditation and bring well-being in the areas associated with their colour.

Choose a meditation and burn the candle of your chosen colour while focusing upon the properties associated with that colour.

For higher awareness, protection (from the material plane).
Used for Centring yourself because your not distracted by colour;
Used most often in Meditation for inner peace, Spirituality, and attaining a higher power.

Used to visualize greater intellect and will. Good when concentrating on
creative endeavours. Said to increase psychic awareness and clairvoyance.
When trying to expand your imagination, this is a good colour to
concentrate with.

Used when you are concentrating on finding prosperity, money, and attracting wealth to yourself.
Also used by some when they want to concentrate on getting married,
have a time of good fortune or getting pregnant.

Used when visualizing more Creativity in sex.
It is a stimulating colour and related to healing energies.
This is healing for sudden losses or changes.

Used to concentrate on health, self-expression, peace and tranquillity;
and greater understanding of those around you.

Used to stimulate extra-ordinary awareness (psychic powers);
Comfort that this has been a colour associated with Dignity, Spirituality,
and Success it's vibrancy attract people to it.

Electric in nature, the colour is said to increase intuition,
Meditation Ability, Spirituality, It is the colour of power.

For finding a pure, gentle, unconditional love and now.
Also used when concentrating on Spiritual Healing

For love, especially sexual in nature also used to concentrate on being a
woman, Emotions of Love, Romance, and a true shared Spiritual Awakening.


if making your own..
Colour with black added brings a darker shade and both the protection of black with the colour symbolism.

Colour with white added and brings with it both the colour symbolism and the white purity and protection from corruption.

An Angel Meditation

Let a stone, pebble, piece of gravel or crystal rest in your palm.
Make sure you will not be disturbed.
Whether you are inside or outside you may like to prepare the space in whatever way feels sacred to you..

If you are new to meditation then perhaps prepare the room with incense or oil burner fragrance, angelic music, flowers, crystals, an altar or clear the space with the sound of a tingsha or a singing bowl.. However you prepare your sacred space is fine and unique to you.
Light a candle .. then begin.

1. Sit quietly cross-legged or with your feet flat on the floor.
2. Visualise roots growing from the base of your spine or your feet, down into the earth, anchoring you to a black tourmaline sphere.
3. Imagine a pyramid of pure white light descending from the heavens and being placed round you or your meditation group.

A second pure white pyramid rises from the centre of Earth and joins the first one. You are in the very centre, totally protected by the light.
4. Visualise pure white light pouring down through your crown chakra from above. As you breathe in, bring the light down to your heart centre. On the out breath, let the light flow down from your heart, through your body, allow the light to travel through your limbs and relax the body completely. Take a moment to allow the light and breath to relax you, breathe in.. and out… in with the light… flowing from the heart as you breathe out.. you are now deeply relaxed.
5a. Bring Archangel Michael into your thoughts and allow a radiant blue light to come to you.
b. Ask him to place his energy around you, the energy of courage and strength.
c. Breathe in these qualities deeply and let them flow down through you, into your arms into your hands and into the stone in your palm and the very earth beneath you, feel the energy grow on every out breath.
d. Hold the vision of Michael standing over the Earth, cutting away all cords that attach humanity to lower energy.

6a. Visualise Archangel Gabriel and allow a shimmering white light to flow into and around you as he draws close.
b. Ask Gabriel to pour purification and aspiration into you. Again breathe in these qualities and let them flow down through your limbs into the stone you hold and the earth below you.
c. Hold the vision of Gabriel illuminating the world in white light.
7a. Think about Archangel Uriel, who dissolves fear and brings peace to humanity. Sense his ruby light flowing through you into the stone and the earth.
b. Breathe out all fear.
c. Visualise angels of peace enfolding you in their wings and relax deeply into their embrace, feel the feathers tickling your face, and the love and warmth of these angels.
d. Visualise angels of peace circling the entire world.
8a. Think about Archangel Raphael, who brings healing and abundance and opens the inner vision. Allow his emerald light to flow through you and inot the stone and the earth.
b. Ask him to open your mind to enlightenment.
c. Hold the vision of all the people of the world whole and healed, living in co-operation, harmony and abundance.
9. Focus on the stone in your palm. . Picture yourself holding this stone and others holding the same energy in places round the world.
10. Lift the stone to the top of your head and visualise a symbol of protection, such as a cross or ankh, being placed over your crown chakra.
11.As you bring it down hold it close to each of your chakras in turn, the brow, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and base, visualising the symbol of protection going into each one of them as you move through them.
12. Ask Archangel Michael to place a deep blue cloak of protection around you. Sense this happening. Then zip it from your feet to your chin and pull up the hood and let it cover your third eye/brow chakra.
13.Thank the angels for working with you.
14.Within the next few days take the stone and place it where it is most needed to bring peace and harmony. It may be anywhere, a hospital, or in a public place where many people will benefit from it.
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psychic Development part3 - aura's, color and creative visualization
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