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 Red brick dust in Hoodoo

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PostSubject: Red brick dust in Hoodoo   Sun Sep 27, 2009 12:07 pm

Reedening and floor wash is an Hoodoo practice originated from use of Oricha sacred red clay in Voodun . I myself have witnesed the amazing powers of this charm and saw people literarly uncaphable crossing it !

Now I use the standar procedure and than I read the psalm 91 ,and 23 or prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel agains evil , but that is mz personal touch . However this is something a Hoodoo must know how to preform .

Here is the standard procedure :

RED BRICK DUST, also known as BRICK DUST, RED DUST, RED POWDER or REDDENING, derives from the ancient use of red ochre clay for sacred purposes. Protection Scrub for Home or Business: On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, get up before dawn without speaking to anyone and wash your doorstep with your own Urine in a bucket of water. When it dries, sprinkle red brick dust across the doorstep. To make the wash stronger, write the Name of the Captain of Police on paper, burn the Name-Paper to ashes, and add the ashes to your scrub water. Business Money Scrub: Mix Red Dust, Cinnamon powder, and Brown Sugar into water and scrub the doorstep inward for quick, continuous cash.

The one with addicion of the cinnamon and sugar is best infront of shops or buisniss You own or manage .

Image shows red brick dust infront of door
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Red brick dust in Hoodoo
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