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 Hoodoo protection

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PostSubject: Hoodoo protection   Tue Dec 01, 2009 7:30 am

Protection in Hoodoo style

You know how they say “Better safe then sorry” ? They are right You know .
Another thing Protection should be done right away after the uncrossing , just in case , and If t You uncross Yourself and then protect in a good manner and some cheeky swine attempts again , well , lets Just say it would be a rather suicidal act 
But how can we protect ourselves good ?

In Hoodoo one would use HERBS : such as garlic, ginger , sandalwood , bay leafs , rosemary , rue ( especially good in repelling evil eye , combine with wintergreen for this purpose , since it is another great choice against evil eye ) , fern , chamomile , Hawthorne and many other
*once again I warmly suggest “Hoodoo Herb and root magick” by Miss Cat of lucky mojo
POWDERS AND CURIOS like red brick dust or reddening , blue anil balls or bluening ( used also in uncrossing and spirit repelling floor washes ) , mirrors ( also used to spot ghosts in Hoodoo ), dragonblood resins , incenses and other , feathers of black hen and frizzled fowls ( used also in unhexing ) , salt , black salt
*If You suspect someone is working against You and You can feel it when it happens , simply place a mirror before Yourselves and use some black hen powders , waving with away from Yourself . It will instantly repel attack teaching Your enemy a damn good lesson !
AMULETS AND CHARMS , PRAYERS , so You can use red, black or white mojo bags , Talismans ( like ones from “Black pullet” and Soleomn’s pentacles ) and You can place the same inside mojo bags mentioned , You can use oils , incenses and powders , Prayers to St. Barbara ,St. Michael ( Archangel ) , Psalm 91st and others
Now I shall give You few basic examples that in my opinion each Hoodoo practitioner should know
Red Brick dust protection , Reddening
First thing in the morning , get up silently and prepare a wash of salt , saltpeter and Your first morning urine ,or alike wash ( protection, cleansing , but the one I mentioned is a great traditional recipe ) and wash the premises or room You wish to protect. Scrub , mop but clean it all.
Pay special attention to Your doorstep , scrub it hard !!!!
Now sprinkle red dust powder line over Your doorstep.
*I have had bad people that want me ill , or just mean and jealous being unable to cross the line !
Bones of protection

Get animal bones , Cook them to clean from meat ( cooking them in salt water with some sodium carbonate is a neat way to get clean white bones ).

Cross two clean wood sticks so they form an X shape or Cross shepe If You will and tie them together ( like when making a simple Cross ).

Tie strings or Yarn from points and centre and hung , or tie bones in it . Use Your imagination to form a pattern , use same number of bones on opposite strings , be creative.

Hung above the doors , or windows . It prevents evil spirits and evil persons from gaining entrance . It is said that instead of the bones wrongdoers will see something like an astral monster , an astral gargoyle If You will .
*Source of this spell is my good online friend from Louisiana , but we both agree that no animal should be sacrificed for this . You can get bones from chicken You eat or at butchery shop

Protection of Saint Archangel Michael

You shall need Michael Archangel Holy Card , White offertory candle , anointing oil and a small quartz or a citrine stone , Carnelian will do also .

Anointing oil recipe :

-10ml of olive oil
-12 drops of some or each ( then divide drops equally ) of
- neroli , Orange, cedar , Cinnamon , frankincense
Dress the candle , with the oil , place a Holy card leaning on a candle holder , next to it place crystal . Recite Psalm 91st and then Prayer to Michael the Archangel in Latin as given bellow ( source wikipedia )

Sancte Michael Archangele,

defende nos in praelio,

contra nequitiam et insidias diaboli esto praesidium.

Imperet illi Deus, supplices deprecamur:

tuque, Princeps militiae caelestis,

Satanam aliosque spiritusmalignos,

qui ad perditionem animarum pervagantur in mundo,

divina virtute, in infernum detrude. Amen.

It is said that as long as candle burns You are safe from all evil . You can as a sign of respect and thanks giving give a small donation to the police since the St. Michael is traditionally considered a Patron of policeman .
*Mind please this is not spell written by me, this is a common practice in New Orleans , but it is edited by me , and the Anointing oil recipe is by me based on oil correspondence for Archangel Michael ( humbly )

Here is another tip for protection from me

Fiery Protection candle ( in cases of need for fast and instant protection )[/color]

Get a red candle , and anoint it with Fiery wall of protection oil , or any Protection oil You find soothing . On a piece of paper write the name of person You want to protect ( or Your name , If You cast spell for Yourself ) and place it underneath an overturn saucer , with a small piece of black tourmaline. Burn the candle on/over the saucer .

You can also use blue or blue and white candle anointed with Gardenia oil , in the same manner and is equally powerful !

[color=brown]Protection mojo ( by me )

In a red mojo bag place the following
- bay laurel leafs
- Holy card of Michael the Archangel
- Small Crucifix
- Rosemary sprig
- Frankincense grains
- Onion clove
- Pinch of salt
Dress with protection oil. Carry it with You most of the time . ( for more info on gris gris magick take a look at my article on Gris Gris magick , where it says how to consecrate, make and use mojo bags )

For the end a personal charm I came up with and love using

If I feel the sudden attack I have a habit of slamming the front doors while saying
“Pa’ Legba , Pa’ Legba , close the door to all and any evil coming my way. Do not allow it to cross this threshold and this doorstep !”
Then I of course place on offering to Papa Legba either on crossroads or at my altar .

Many Blessings
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Hoodoo protection
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