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 Art of Oils in Hoodoo

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PostSubject: Art of Oils in Hoodoo   Thu Oct 01, 2009 4:17 pm

Oils in Hoodoo

Much like powders oils are widely used in Hoodoo , for anointing ritual tools , all sorts of mundane objects , even persons .
I mentioned them quite a few times in my earlier articles , so I will focus on oil making procedure and recipes .

Well we basically make them in two ways

1. Blend of e. oils mixed with base oil such as castor oil , sweet almond , olive or jojoba. Sometimes we will also add plant or fruit juice , since it is obvious that for example apple does not contain any e. oil
2. Placing herbs , roots , fruit chops in jar with base oil , leaving them closed tightly in cold places for some time and then perhaps repeat the process only with new herbs. I make my Hoodoo oils in Wiccan manner since I am eclectic , so I let them stay for a moon cycle ( from waxing to waxing Moon , 28 daays ) and If available I add new herbs into oil weekly .

Some herbs and resins are more readily absorbed than others. If you have an essential oil of an herb used in a recipe, you can add some to the recipe to enhance the aroma, as well. Be sure to add a few drops of tincture of Benzoin to your oils or they will go rancid (unless you are using jojoba oil as a base).

Blessing the oils can be simple as holding them and visualizing the positive outome , it can be petition to Lord , or a prayer or psalm . Or even a passage from Bible that refers to oils , here is an example

The Lord spoke to Moses: Exodus 30:22-25
Take the finest spices of liquid myrrh
five hundred shekels,
and of sweet-smelling cinnamon half as much,
that is, two hundred fifty,
and two hundred fifty of aromatic cana,
and five hundred of cassia -
measured by the sanctuary shekel -
and a hin of olive oil,
and you shall make of these a sacred anointing oil
blended as by the perfumer;
it shall be a holy anointing oil.

I love to use my own words , something like this:

Blessed be , thou made by art of Fire , Blessed and Consecrated by The Highest Divine Virtue , and in the Name of the Most Supreme than has power over all. And as the Lord Jesus His Son , turned water into wine , so shall You with this prayer become a Consecrated and Blessed oil . So mote it be !

Few oil recipes an examples

Abramelin oil, also called Oil of Abramelin, is a ceremonial magical oil blended from aromatic plant materials. Its name came about due to its having been described in a medieval grimoire called The Book of Abramelin written by Abraham of Worms. The recipe is adapted from the Jewish Holy Oil of the Tanakh, which is described in the Book of Exodus attributed to Moses.

4 parts powdered Cinnamon bark
2 parts finely ground Myrrh resin
1 part Calamus chopped root, reduced to powder
7 parts Olive oil

Altar Oil
This is good oil for blessing oneself or another, ritual objects, or anything that resides on the altar.

4 drops frankincense
2 drops Myrrh
1 drop cedar

Anointing Oil

Here is a very basic formula for anointing oil that is perfect for acts of consecration and blessings.

Frankincense 35 Drops
Myrrh 35 Drops

Blend with one ounce of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Attraction Oil
A hoodoo Attraction oil for drawing money and love. Mix equal parts of:

Grated Lemon Peel or Lemon Flowers
Lovage Herb

Add a small piece of lodestone to each bottle, and add 2 tablespoons of this
mix to 2 oz. of grape seed oil.

Confusion oil & powder
To 2oz. base oil, add contents of one VitE capsule and

5 drops coconut
3 drops lavender
2 drops violet
3 drops black pepper
2 drops ginseng

For powder , add ground herbs to a rice flower corn starch base

Lucky Oil:

1/2 of the oil should be pure Olive oil, 1/4 part Myrrh oil, 1/4 part Jasmine oil. Anoint feet before putting on shoes you will wear in a situation where you want to feel lucky.
Power Oil: Equal parts of Patchouli oil, Cinnamon oil, and Vanilla oil. Touch to pulse points (especially at wrists and temples) prior to going into a situation you need to have power over.

Attraction Oil:

Equal parts of Rose oil, Lavender oil, Vanilla oil, and Sandalwood oil. Touch to pulse points when in the presence of the one you want to attract.

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Art of Oils in Hoodoo
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