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 Energy Flow

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PostSubject: Energy Flow   Energy Flow I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 26, 2009 1:10 pm

Energy Flow

The environment of an area has a huge affect on how well and what kind of energy flows through that area. Here is a short list of environmental conditions

Music- Most rap and screamo songs bring negative energy, ones with swearing or insults bring even more and repel positive energy. Orchestra and other kinds of soft songs bring positive energy, ones with promotional thoughts to boost self-esteem bring even more and repel negative energy. Either way the energy stays in an area for a long period of time.
T.V- Shows that promote violence, bad thoughts, etc. tend to bring negative energy and repel positive energy, while shows of the opposite do the opposite. Again, the energy stays in the area for a long time.
People- Arguing, swearing, insulting, etc. All these things bring negative energy and repel positive energy. Complimenting and using a gentle tone brings good energy, but isn't as good at repelling negative energy.

Colors- No individual color seems to have a major affect on energy flow, rather it's color combination. Have one solid color doesn't bring much energy at all while having many colors bring more. The kind of energy depends on the inhabitant. If the colors make the person happy then through that person good energy is brought, likewise if it makes the person depressed or sad then negative energy is brought.
Most other sights don't seem to have much of an affect except for shapes, you can learn about shapes in the Feng Shui section.

Pleasant- A pleasant smell usually results in positive energy, naturally, and can also be the smell of a positive spirit. A friend of mine happens to have two spirits in his house, one he likes to talk to for advice and she often smells like fresh wild roses.
Normal- A normal smell is usually neutral, of course, and isn't commonly the smell of a spirit.
Unpleasant- An unpleasant smell usually results in negative energy, naturally, and can also be the smell of a bad spirit. The same friend mentioned before has a spirit in his house that usually smells something like a skunk, this spirit has taken the form of a cat twice and the form of a demon once. She likes to try to scare people.

Heat- Atomic energy flows faster in hot areas, but Chi and Psi seem to flow slower. This is probably because, to most people, heat is relaxing. I also found that positive energy seems a bit repelled by temps over 100degrees whereas negative energy is attracted at temps over 110-120degrees. This could be because, at that temp, the comfort zone has been left far behind.
Cold- Atomic energy flows slower, but Chi and Psi flow much faster. In cold temps the blood has to flow faster to keep the body warm, as a result the brain thinks a bit faster and your Chi grows considerably. At temps between 40-70degrees good energy is attracted and is very active, whereas at temps of 0-32(the freezing point) good isn't attracted as much. So far I have not seen bad energy attracted to the cold, but neither can I say I've seen it repelled.
In my test all temps were measured in Fahrenheit.

Emotional Residue is a big part of energy alignment and energy flow. Most people are not aware of it, but regardless of what you do and where you are whatever you are feeling leaves a trail of it. If you stand in the kitchen clutching the stove handle, furious over some betrayal, then someone who is sensitive to emotional residue may feel your fury an hour or two after you have let go of the stove and left the room even if you did so in a calmer mood.
Good emotional residue will promote positive energy, but will not often repel negative energy. Positive energy allows the energy to flow faster and stronger then negative energy.
Bad emotional residue will promote negative energy and will repel positive energy. Negative energy blocks the flow of energy and weakens the ammount of energy in an area.

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PostSubject: the perception of music   Energy Flow I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 05, 2013 3:34 am

i was wondering about music, i understand where the idea that most rap, promotes negative energy, through lyrical content. but could screamo/hardcore possibly promote positive energy if it has generally positive lyrical content? basically what im asking is even if, hardcore music sounds negative and more then likely promotes negative vibes even if it has positive lyrics, could it possibly be percieved negative or positive depending on social ques, and your upbringing as a child?
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Energy Flow
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