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 Types Of Energy

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PostSubject: Types Of Energy   Types Of Energy I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 26, 2009 1:05 pm

Types of Energy

There are many different forms of energy. Every living thing, every non-living thing, every element of the Periodic Table of Elements, every atom in the previously mentioned, gives off a different energy. Here are a few definitions of the most common energies that you will encounter when working with what I teach.

Chi- The Life Energy running through all living things, including the smallest fungi and the largest sentient creature.

Psi- The Mental Energy running through all sentient things, including the special-ed and the otherwise mentally impaired.

Positive Energy- Energy that makes people feel good, lightens an area, and fights Negativity.

Negative Energy- Energy that makes people feel bad, darkens an area, and fights Positivity.

Auric Energy- The Energy that Auras are made from.

Universal Life Energy- A combination of all the energies that come from living beings, it is similar to The Force.

The Tao- A combination of all energies from all things, living and non, it is a sentient and eternal energy similar to that of Spirits, Angels, and Demons(may not be best description, research Taoism for more information).

The Force- The Energy that runs through, on, under, above, over, around, and inside of all things.
The types of energies within this Universe are countless.

Types Of Energy Loyaltykm2
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Types Of Energy
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