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 A short word on spirits

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PostSubject: A short word on spirits   Tue Oct 13, 2009 1:42 am

To call the spirits to you and ask their advice, to bring together the necessary ingredients to bring forth you desires, to feel the energy cursing through you as you send out your power to touch the ancestors and feel their presence.

Some may fear and say do not meddle in the affair of spirits but those spirits are the energies of our ancestors they surround us and watch over us, so why the fear? Well most of us have been taught to fear ghost and things that go bump in the night. I watch these shows on the television about paranormal studies and I always felt a little sorry for the spirits how it must feel to be taunted like that. Granted there are spirits who are not so pleasant but if you are on good terms with your spirits and guides there is nothing to worry about you have created around you an aura of protection.

You will notice if you research the cases in which something went wrong or a ghost got violent the person who was in contact with that entity was approaching the spirit with a) very little respect for the spirits experience and knowledge lets face it unless the spirit is a child I am sure that it would not appreciate being talked to like a infant, b) approached with skepticism and with a purely scientific attitude, if I was treated as a object of a science project I would be rather upset wouldn't you and finally the worst insult c) the Ouija board, what a rude awakening like being slapped awake from a deep sleep and then being asked a bunch of stupid pointless questions, the worst of them being "prove to us that you are here".

These are the spirits of our ancestors they have passed the world before us and desirve our respect and adoration. A couple of points about bringing forth spirits properly. Rattles and bells are a soft way of waking the spirits gently, no one wants to be jolted out of a deep sleep! Offerings of food and drink many traditions offer some sort of alcoholic beverage or caffinated beverage like coffee or tea. Also offerings of something that was liked in by that ancestor in life my grandfather happened to be a cowboy so something that is reminisant of those days might be complimentry to bringing his presence forth. Just remember that you are talking to them for their advice so address them with the utmost respect.

Most shamanic paths that speak to the dead offer them something in exchange for their presence, its not about weather or not they are farts of air or primordial ooze, they walked the earth before us and their bones lie in the earth we walk upon. Their lives made way for ours so yes they deserve our respect.
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A short word on spirits
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