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 Luck oil

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PostSubject: Luck oil   Tue Sep 01, 2009 1:17 am

Ginger Root is widely regarded amongst magickal practitioners as facilitating Good Luck , Joy & Fun entering into your life.

This is what you'll need

A Motar and Pestal to grind the root
one small piece of fresh Ginger Root

Several Drops of Sunflower oil

Several drops of Jojoba oil

A Glass bowl

A small branch from an ash tree to stir with.
You can substitute if it isn't available (always remember to thank the tree for it's part)

A cheese cloth, or finely woven cotton cloth to strain the mixture with.

Follow these instructions to bring more luck into your life:
While grinding your ginger root imagine good luck and good things coming into your life.
Chant over and over until the root is finely ground, :

Good luck, fortune come to me, as I will SO MOTE IT BE!
With the power of three times three, Good luck, fortune come to me, as I will SO MOTE IT BE!

Then stir Ginger in Sunflower & Jojoba oil until you’ve achieved the desired intensity of fragrance (strong but not overpowering).

You can also use essential oil of ginger to add to the intensity – taking care as for some people it can irritate their skin.

Strain,leaving the excess ginger in the cloth, reserving the scented oil only.

You should apply the oil behind your knees, elbows & ears
when looking to enjoy good luck with something specific in your life
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Luck oil
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