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 Minted (Wealth/Luck Potion)

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PostSubject: Minted (Wealth/Luck Potion)   Sun Sep 20, 2009 6:56 am

Mint leaves
Boiling Water
High Currency Coins and coins minted in year of your birth.

Pestle Morter

Pestle and Morter the mint leaves a little add some of the hot water tiny amount then continue grinding put the liquid into a cup or container with the mint leaves mix and leave to cool leave the container on the window cill with the high currency coins surrounding it were the full moons rays will reach it.

Collect in the morning refrigerate and use the water in tea drink straight anoint things with it to earn you cash or be worth the price you bought it for anoint your wallet with it your bank notes etc if done corret it will taste of mint so taste to make sure it does if its strong in mint on your first go batch then its a sign that the batch and many more batches to come will have great effect if you didint purposly add loads and loads of mint it also prooves your a natual with a pestle and morter Good luck Devil.

Do not underestimate a vampire especialy a very Thirsty Vampire Very Happy
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Minted (Wealth/Luck Potion)
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