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 Liquidus Amor Veritas

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PostSubject: Liquidus Amor Veritas   Thu Sep 24, 2009 4:18 pm

An Middle-age forgoten recipe I mannaged to recover , or rather restaurate with a help of divination and a benveolent spirit helper

You will need

Spring water ( cup )
Red Vine ( cup or two )
Red or green candle/s
Herb Elecampane ( pinch or two )
Miseltoe , evade berryes ( some )
Vervain ( some , pinch or two )
Rose quartz ( optional )

On a Venus night, on the Hour of Venus , under the light of Waxing Moon, and candle light, pour Vine and Water into cauldron , add herbs , mix , untill boil, and 3 mins after, oftenly cahnting : "Amor Veritas" ! , then stir , and pour into chalice ( today, Vine glass will work Smile ), and dip rose quartz 3 times thinking of Your desired one, than give it to drink. She/he will insttantly fall inlove with You.

By me Shadow Smile Any questions? Ask me!
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Liquidus Amor Veritas
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