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 Liquidus Liberata

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PostSubject: Liquidus Liberata   Tue Sep 22, 2009 3:33 pm

Liquidus liberata
Potion that removes hexes , curses or any spell not agreeable with You. The Latin says : Potion of Liberation

Disenchanting potion Equal parts of

-wood betony ( stychis officinalis )

-verbena ( Verbena officinalis )

-yarrow ( Achilea mileofolium )

-elecampane ( innula helenium ) ( elfwort )

-rue ( Ruta gravelolens )

-mugwort ( Artemisa vulgaris )

-celandine ( Chelidonium majus )

-nettle ( Urtica diocia )

-white clover ( trifolium repens )
To be brewed and prayed ower thee for liberation of evil . Brew the nine herbs together while praying over them and bathe downward to rid yourself of the evil influences.
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Liquidus Liberata
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