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 November forecast

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PostSubject: November forecast   November forecast I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 01, 2009 9:09 am

Change is in the Air

November is quite the busy astrological month!

We start off with a financial full Moon in Taurus on the 2nd, when you'll need to keep your wits about you and have a clear understanding of your money and where it is going. This is a time when you can make tangible, practical investments in your life that make you feel content and secure.

On November 4, Neptune turns direct. This mystical planet, which has been retrograde since May 28, rules spirituality, inspiration and idealism. There is little that is logical or materially sensible about Neptune.

Venus enters the deep waters of passionate Scorpio November 7, and light, casual conversations just won’t do it for you. Instead, you want to explore how far you can take things with your partner. What makes them tick? How do they really feel about you? Are they soul mate material? If you are single and want to meet the love of your life, attend events where people are passionate about what they are doing.

Clear the decks the week of November 9, when the Sun in determined Scorpio forms several aspects. First the Sun squares expansive Jupiter on November 10, and misunderstandings can occur. Then the Sun trines independent Uranus on November 14, when you'll receive some needed support. Keep an eye on the Sun square Neptune on November 15 though, when everything may not be as it seems!

Mercury’s entrance into outspoken Sagittarius on November 15 brings information you may – or may not – want to hear! Mercury in Sagittarius is often called the 'foot-in-mouth' placement because of its outspoken nature. Expect plenty of statements followed by retractions and explanations. On the plus side, nothing beats this placement for enthusiasm and optimism.

A fresh start occurs with a new Moon in passionate Scorpio during the week of November 16. Then you’ll need to straighten out relationship entanglements as Venus, the love planet, squares Mars on November 19. The Sun’s entrance into optimistic Sagittarius on November 21 restores your faith, and you’re ready to expand your world.

Love rules during the last week of November and you'll be totally focused on your relationships as Venus makes multiple aspects. First, the love planet squares Jupiter on November 23, and unleashes your desire for pleasure, but this is also a classic aspect for feeling misunderstood. Then the Sun in philosophical Sagittarius sextiles serious Saturn on November 24, when you can make the most of the opportunities offered. Venus trines independent Uranus on November 25, boosting the sizzle-factor in your relationships. But watch out for Cupid’s arrow missing the mark on November 26 when Venus squares mystical Neptune! You may be swept off your feet and fall in love with someone who, if you were in your right mind, you would never even consider.
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November forecast
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