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 Vision Questing

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PostSubject: Vision Questing   Vision Questing I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 28, 2009 9:29 am

Vision Questing is a form of passage from one phase of life to another, and can
be considered one way of dedicating or initiating yourself to your chosen Path.
Yet whereas in Wicca such a Rite is an affirmation of work already accomplished,
a Vision Quest is itself transformational work. True, it is affirming a
commitment you already made to yourself and your relationship with Source; but
in it you will be putting yourself through an ordeal of your own making to test
your mettle and refine your perceptions and other abilities.

Many consider the successful completion of a Vision Quest to be a further
acceptance by Source of your chosen Path. In the case of a full-fledged Quest
in which your very survival is at stake, then living through the experience is a
part of that Blessing. At the center of the Quest, however, is a searching for
Vision, and this is the Blessing we will be looking for during our modified
Vision Quest.

The process is also a signal to the rest of your being that your spiritual self
has chosen to take this new course of action. It is a way of orienting your
secular self to the ways your spirit wishes to pursue, and can also be a time of
questing after methods of bringing these ways of being more seamlessly into your
secular life. The Quest can then serve as a space in which to inaugurate a new
discipline or course of study you wish to pursue or of finding ways to make this
work harmoniously with the whole of your existence.

Sometimes the Quest is a form of death because it is a passage from one part of
your life to another. This may be felt subtly by way of feeling renewed and
refreshed, or dramatically by way of having some inner core issues challenged
and brought to light. The determination and courage you bring to bear in
undergoing this process will further it along, and the fireside council at the
Quest's end will also help you to integrate and understand your experience and
bring as much of it back with you into the next steps you take.


The phases of a typical rite of passage have been described as severance,
threshold, and incorporation. In the first, you ready yourself for being by
yourself by slowly detaching from the ordinary world around you and your usual
habits. This opens the inner doorway and cues your subconscious mind to prepare
you for the rite. In the threshold stage, you pass through the veil of
everyday consciousness into the place between worlds, the realm of the symbolic
and archetypical, and let your spirit guide you to those areas where you will
gain the most growth and insight. Incorporation is that processing piece in
which you re-member the rite and the visions you had in it, decompress from the
intensity of the focused work, and gather yourself back together to carry on.


Meditation, journaling, physical discipline such as yoga, and fasting are all
effective means to begin the separation from mundane to arcane reality. You are
exercising the "muscles" of your psyche through these methods and preferably
digging deep to look at your hopes, expectations, intentions, and even fears.
Indeed, some of your expectations may be the basis for some of your fears in
that you may be poised to chastise yourself if what you expected to happen does
not. The Quest is not about finding a new way to denigrate yourself. What is
supposed to happen will happen, and will be according to your own specific needs
and the particular buttons your spirit feels you are ready to have pushed. As a
matter of fact, with the possible exception of any precognitive Visions you have
had, it is an excellent sign if your Quest is filled with surprises and only
vaguely resembles your preconceived ideas about it.

The group process prior to the Quest is another vital part of the Severance and
preparation phase of the experience. We have come together to support each
other as well as to have just this many faces looking in their own, unique
directions, asking original questions, and discovering personal answers. Tips
for what's working for you or not can be shared during the group meetings, and
questions asked of your Teacher-Guide. Describing what this Quest means for you
is important to gain clarity for yourself and likely to spark ideas or parallel
feelings in others. Millions of people have undergone Quests before you,
millions will undergo them after you, and while your experience will be distinct
and unique, it will not be outside the realm of the collective experience of
Questing. You needn't feel shy or weird about what you are feeling and
experiencing, and the more the group as a whole can trust each other and the
process, the deeper it will be for everyone.

Fear, for example, is a very common and normal symptom of the Severance phase of
the Quest. This is also a very healthy and desired piece of what can and should
be shared in the group and explored in your meditative and journaling processes.
Archetypically, the Vision Quest is a little death and like sickness is
ultimately a preparation for that final Rite of Passage. Counterbalancing the
fear may be the call of the past, your habits and creature comforts which look
ever more attractive as the day of the Quest draws near. The status quo may
loom large and try to motivate you to find reasons not to participate in the
Quest. You can view these responses as your Inner Trickster, a sort of devil's
advocate trying to seduce you to remain in your staid ways. Confront these
intimations directly. Draw them out. Carry on a journal dialogue with the piece
that is trying to hold you back.

As I suggested earlier, your expectations may be playing heavily into this fear.
Every previous experience you have ever had of not living up to your
expectations, of "falling short" of your goals or "failing" in something may
come back to haunt you. This is one of the challenges of the Quest, and one of
the very things your spirit has brought you to this point to confront. As you
look at these things, your Trickster may deflect the fear to something else to
distract you. It may find all sorts of things you need to do that weekend; stir
up a crisis at home, work, or school; or make you susceptible to catching colds.
Stay healthy, take lots of Vitamin C & B Complex, fast wisely, and stay tuned to
your body's signals. Rest when you are tired, but exercise when you are
fatigued. Play when you are stressed, but do
reflective work when you are frustrated.

And keep in mind that the fear that you experience during this portion of the
Questing process will far out-distance any fear you experience during the Quest
itself. Honor your fear, because it is a good gauge of how much this Quest
means to you and what potential depths of transformation your psyche holds in
store for you. Also remember that the sign of a truly courageous person is not
one who does dangerous undertakings without fear, but who overcomes fear and
acts wisely but without being unduly restrained by fear. It is said that
healthy fear is the mark of one about to receive power, and in part this is
because you are aware that with new levels of power, you will also have new
responsibilities and, since you are experiencing fear because of it, you will
tend to use this power responsibly.

Very importantly, too, if there are fears which indicate real reasons why you
should not do the Quest at this time, listen to them carefully, as well. If you
are diabetic, fasting is probably not a good idea and you need to be sure to
bring your insulin. If you are coming to the Severance period in a highly
unstable psychological frame of mind, this is likely not a good time for you to
be further trying yourself. And so on.

The key here, even if you must forego the Quest experience now, is to take
advantage of the opportunity to look at yourself honestly and get past ego
issues of pride and falsehood. This in itself is a major undertaking, and
strengthens your will which will benefit you whether you need it to deal with
the Quest or with secular life. A strong will paired with clear and honorable
intentions is always a good thing and will bolster positive self-esteem, a
wonderful gift from the process of the Quest.

As the day of the Quest approaches, be sure to take care of your personal needs
well in advance. Gather together the tools, food, and other resources you plan
to bring with you a few days beforehand so that you don't need to worry about
them. Finish up any business that needs to be dealt with as much as you can so
that you can leave yourself the last day or two to focus on your in-gathering of
self and consciousness. It is suggested that taking yourself out on a walk
through Nature the day or weekend before the Quest is a good part of
preparation, and I would encourage you to do so. Letting yourself enjoy the
world without the pressure of the Quest will help you to appreciate it while you
pass through the Rite, and you may be shown important signs or meet new nature
allies while you give yourself this time.

Ideally, this Medicine Walk takes all day, so pack what you need to eat in the
afternoon, something to write with, any tools you might want to use in ritual,
and set out at dawn. Let Nature be your guide. The "outer" Nature of the
wilderness or beach may draw you along through your curiosity, and your inner
Nature will urge you into the right actions for you at that time. Listen to both
of these Natures and the messages they have for you at this time. Write down
significant messages or symbols once you have experienced them so you have them
as part of the record of your passage. Don't overexert yourself, however, or
challenge your survival skills on this walk; just Be. Break your fast after
noon so you don't over tire but do get a sense of what it will be like to fast
from midnight until sunset on the day of the Quest. I would advise that you do
this walk the weekend before our last group meeting before the Quest so you can
bring your experience back to us to share.

For fasting, the best suggestion I've ever heard is to slowly remove types of
food from your diet. The heaviest yin and yang foods should go first, such as
red meat and alcohol. Then white meats and sweets. Then complex carbohydrates
like potatoes and grains. Then non-juicy fruits, vegetables, milk, nuts, and
oily food. If you intend to do this progressive fast prior to the Quest, you
should be at the stage of eating only juicy fruits and drinking lots of juice
and water on the day of the overnight. We will be sharing a meal around the
campfire, and this should give you the physical strength you then need to get
through the next day's Quest. When you exit at the other end of the Quest, be
sure to be gentle with your stomach and slowly reintroduce food. I highly
recommend avoiding raw carrots at first if you've undergone an intensive fast!

Finally, depending on how much death-severance material has come up for you, you
may want to take time to visit with people who've been important in your life up
to this point to create peace and understanding between you. A very appropriate
exercise for this type of preparation process is the cord-cutting meditation in
which you envision each of your chakras, note the cords that lead from them to
other people, places, events, or things, and let go with love those which are
black or otherwise unhealthy looking or feeling. Replace them with psychic
connections to life-affirming sources.

Most of all, do what feels right and honor your process.


The full spectrum of possibility stretches before you on the eve of the Vision
Quest. The crickets chirp, the frogs and toads croak, and the fire crackles and
lights the faces of your fellow quests. The talk is friendly, yet filled with
anticipation, a nervous laugh or two, and your companions are at once eager and
reluctant. You are about to test yourselves, and it is best that you enter into
this, like any sacred activity, with "beauty and strength, power and compassion,
honor and humility, mirth and reverence," as the Charge of the Goddess advises.

One by one, your fellows leave the circle of light around the fire and go off to
begin their solitary journey with a night alone in their bedrolls. Darkness
surrounds you and your journal and a pen are nearby. Hopes, dreams,
aspirations, and doubts fill your mind while adrenaline flows through your
veins. Now is a good time to remember the Deep Relaxation meditation we have
done each time we have come together. Breathe relaxation into your body, and
breathe out tension. Notice the thoughts swimming through your mind and let
them go, focusing on deepening your tranquillity. Ask your psyche to bring you
dreams to begin your journey; ask this of yourself three times, and float off
into the Dreamtime.

Most likely, twice during the night, you will be gently woken. The first time,
it will be to let you know that it is time to move to the altar tent to sleep
through the last watch shift before your own. Bring your journal with you so if
any private thoughts need writing while you're away from your private space, you
can do so. The second time you are woken it will be time for you to take your
place by the fire. Center yourself and gaze quietly into the fire. Listen for
the night sounds, feel the breath of the Earth all around you. Note whatever
you observe outside or inside yourself in the group's watch log, which will
serve as one way for us to come back to center as a circle and to weave together
our story as questers. At the end of your turn, you will wake the person
sleeping in the altar tent, go rouse the next person for the watch, and return
to your bed for the rest of the night.

When you awake for the morning, do so slowly. Write down whatever messages or
images have come to you during your sleep, or whatever has first come into your
mind as you awoke. Relax your way into the day, looking out on each moment
anew, with the fresh eyes of a child, filled with curiosity and wonder.
Throughout the day it will be important for you to do as Spirit moves you. If
you are unsure of whether Spirit or subconscious compulsions are driving you,
quiet yourself, turn your mind to other things, and if the prompting returns
three times with clearer and clearer Vision, follow your Dream.

If you are ever uncertain of whether something you are thinking, feeling, or
hearing, is untrue, you can try this test: form a circle with the thumb and
forefinger of one hand. Insert the thumb and forefinger of the other hand into
this opening, and state clearly the image or idea in question while exerting
outward pressure on the circle. If your "okay" sign remains intact on the first
hand, the thing is true, the answer is yes. If it flies apart under the pressure
of your second hand, the answer is no.

You are now balanced halfway through the doorway into the Quest. All that you
once were lies behind you; all that you will be lies in the beautiful,
unexplored mindscape before you. You will not hear the door open or close behind
you, so you may want to formalize the crossing in some way, such as smudging
yourself, asking the Guardians to guide and protect you, singing a song of
thanksgiving, or finding a comfortable spot to welcome the rising sun.

Traditionally, you would set out with a buddy and then separate halfway between
your Questing sites, where you would set up a boundary of stones. Because we
are doing a modified, group Quest, your noisemaker of bells, a drum, or whatnot
are your aural boundary stones. Their sounding will let others know that you
are approaching and give those sitting quietly the chance to sound theirs as
well so you do not come too near. Other than this, you Quest in silence,
seeking to hear the voices of your inner self and Spirit within that silence, as
you also watch for the signs and sights that may be given to you.

Another piece we are modifying in this Quest is the creation of a stone pile to
communicate your continued survival to your buddy. In place of this, we have
the group watch log, which serves to weave together our individual paths, give
us a couple of disciplined times to anchor spirit into the physical act of
writing, and yet also open us up to expanding our powers of observation and
increasing our awareness of the interconnectedness of our paths. The log will
be a symbol of our common bonds and an object lesson in the truth that no matter
how unique our Paths, they flow together into a pattern.

At first, you may find it impossible not to pursue tasks you set out for
yourself to accomplish, duties to perform to fill the endless hours stretching
before you. One of the things you may learn is the illusion of time, and how
all of time is now. Listen only as you have to the taskmaster inside your head,
and know that sooner or later your inner wisdom will remind you that you are
looking for richer sustenance to feed your soul. Let go the worry about filling
up time and space and let yourself discover. This absence of busy-work is
behavior on a par with fasting, if you have chosen to do this. On the
traditional Quest, you would go three or four days without food; today, you are
going less than 24 hours, and so it is even more important to cleanse yourself
of "junk food" activities. The very absence of meals to distract you and
divide your day into segments will help you dislodge habits, and the more
willfully you pursue this, the more you will open yourself to newness. The
combined lack of food and routine ally to encourage you to notice Nature's
rhythms and quiet speech. You will organically slow down as physical strength
must be replaced with spiritual perseverance.

As all of Nature may speak to you, so one particular spot may speak most
strongly to you. Go and find out why it is calling to you. Wherever it is, it
is sacred ground. Whatever is there, there will be something for you to learn
from it. However, there may well be a specific reason why you were summoned to a
particular spot, a certain stone, flower, or tree which has awaited your

Except for your second turn at the council fire watch, you needn't worry about
time or fulfilling any responsibilities to anyone save your Self. You may find,
however, that you are drawn to doing certain ancient and time-honored acts of
ritual, such as prayer. Search within you for your truest, most meaningful
prayers. Remember what you have discovered about what prayer means to you, and
yet see whether there is something deeper beyond that. Certain words of power
may be given to you, and these are one of your gifts from the Quest. They may
be just one word, which can serve as a touchstone and source of strength, or
they may be a chant, song, or poem which you can sing for your Self to bring you
deeper into your Quest and which you may choose to share with the group during
the council after the Quest. Whatever it is, let it come to you (w)holy, and
explore all its nooks and crannies of meaning and power.

One of the words of power which may come to you during the Quest is a new Spirit
name. Some say that the name you were given at birth was one put upon you by
your parents without your knowing; others say you whispered it in their ears.
Now you have come farther along your Path and may find that you have transformed
beyond the ability of your previous name to identify who you are and what you
are about. Be vigilant to hear this name, be quiet and unconcerned about
finding it. If it comes, you will know, for it will run through you like a
current and may make you want to run, jump, and dance with the joy of truth and

The name may come to you in your dreams or meditations, while gazing apprec-
iatively or spacily into Nature, or in the simple act of walking. The wind, the
rustle of the trees, the cracking of twigs under you may speak the syllables of
your name, or a nymph Nature Spirit may speak it directly into your mind. It may
come from signs or omens, from the actions Spirit moves you to do, or abruptly
while your mind is occupied with writing. It is said that it is vital to being
able to hear your name that you move through Nature and be one with Her in a way
that is ironically beyond words. What you are listening for is the name your
Mother Earth would call you as your most intimate, primal, and observant of
mothers. To be ready to recognize your name when it is spoken, you must be able
to recognize Spirit beyond form, for if all you see is an ant or a cloud, you
will hear only what you expect to hear from an ant or a cloud.

Whether they speak a name to you or not, the act of transcending the boundaries
set up by our civilized words between you and the ant will be an act of healing,
of reclaiming the birthright lost to humanity when it decided that it was
supposed to rule over Nature instead of be at-one-ment with Her. Whether or not
you discover your name, the act of knowing yourself and observing who you are
deeply enough to consider a Naming brings yourself into closer alignment with
your Self, into peace with your Shadow, and into clearer Vision of what you may

Another ritual act you may wish to perform is a ceremony. Once again, the
crucial component here is bringing out your own truth and acting in a way that
is most meaningful to you. As with the Quest as a whole, whatever you do will
be right for you at this time, and the important thing is that you carry out
your ceremony with the whole of yourself. It is one step on the Path that is
uniquely and souly yours, an artwork which revels in the joy of connecting
yourself with what is deepest and most sacred within you and around you.
Absolutely whatever feels like right action to you is what you should do for
yourself, whether that means setting up your own circle and dancing nude within
its bounds (out of sight of the road, of course), painting your face with
natural dyes, or offering your hair to the Air, Earth, Water, or Fire: follow

One suggestion: let it be simple. Let each of your actions be simple,
straightforward, and true. The Quest and your questing are best served not by
finding ways to keep yourself busy and by finding ever-more complex ways to
stimulate your mind, but by getting down to the basics of who you are within
Nature and Spirit. The whole Quest is a stilling of the senses, and letting go
and spilling out, so that you may be filled again with natural strength and
beauty. The idea here is not to be like the gold miner, greedily filling sack
after sack with nuggets, but to be more like the happy wanderer, stopping to
pick up only those things which truly catch your attention and speak to you.

Regardless of how you cry for vision, a helpful image to keep in mind is that of
Source observing you and weighing your being to see how you balance out. Are
you asking for a gift selfishly, or are you seeking cleansing and strengthening
so you can be a fuller participant in community? Are you seeking power to hoard
to yourself, or are you asking to serve as a channel of Divine gifts into your
circle of humanity? As you may have noticed in prayer work before you chose to
Quest, it is often the request which will benefit others through you which is
most readily granted. In trying to become one with Source, and in acknowledging
our own divinity, we are also taking on the sacred role of nurturing the
Creation, of which our fellows are a part.

Remember to stay in the flow of give and take throughout your Quest. Thank your
benefactor -- whoever or whatever that may be -- for any gifts you receive in an
appropriate and respectful manner. This is much like the libations we have
poured back out to the Earth after each of our feasts as a group; you will find
other parallels and other ways of reciprocating. In other words, leave a little
something of yourself with Nature for what She gives you.

Value whatever is given to you as Vision, for regardless of its weight or
magnitude, each Vision is a gift, suited perfectly to who you are, what your
capabilities are, and where you are in your development. The Vision may be
precognitive, it may be a sudden burst of energy, it may be a poetic trance, or
a symbol. All Vision is wisdom, and all ultimate wisdom transcends the
particulars of reality to touch on the reality beyond form. The final piece of
Vision on the Quest will be the relieved realization that you survived the
challenge to arrive at where you re-emerge. The risks have been met, the
experience lived as fully as you could, and you have changed forever.

As you return through the threshold, you will not hear the door close on the
Quest any more than you heard it when you entered. Whether you are aware of the
power of what you have been given or not, the universe and Powers That Be have
taken notice of the gift you gave of yourself and the intentions you wrapped
with your actions. The magical synchronicity of the ebb and flow will not be
dammed up by your departure from the Quest; in fact, many of its results will be
felt after you leave the council fire and welcoming circle. As a very young
person, you will have helped to mold what your adult life will look like; as an
adult, you will have made important steps toward refining your life's work; and
as a crone/sage, you will have shaped the way you will serve as Elder Teacher to
the community and, more certainly than your younger companions, prepared
yourself for the final threshold of life.

As with any time you go out to co-exist outdoors with Nature, Her body should be
left at least in as good condition as you found it, and preferably better. By
cleaning up after yourself and restoring the natural order, you are ceremonially
completing the cycle of work you have done and paying the best tribute you can
to Earth for the gifts you've received. If you did decide to construct a circle
of stones, you may chose to leave the cardinal points marked, but otherwise
disperse the stones back into their scattered ways. You may wish to say a final
prayer of thanks, but then remove yourself firmly and with resolve back to the
council fire. Be reborn with determination, not hesitance, for to be reluctant
to return to community is not to trust in the Visions or be ready to share them
in the Spirit they were given. One way that is suggested for assuring that you
flow out after the Quest as well as you received during it is to make a
conscious effort to give of yourself to every person you meet, and this will
keep that flow going for you. You can begin as soon as you enter the circle of
the council fire.


The return to the group around the council fire is like crowning during your
birth: you are almost ready to emerge, but not quite. It is a very important
step in the Questing process, and will help determine how you proceed with
integrating your experience of the Quest into your life, and how much depth and
insight you will gain from it. The council will serve to help you re-center and
ground yourself before you take your first steps in the community afterwards,
and hopefully help you face that community with the same eagerness with which
you face the Quest, full of dreams and a willingness to share of yourself.

The Visions you received will not be complete until they can be brought to
fruition back outside the Questing environment. As we noted of crying for
Vision, the point is not so much to build yourself up, as it is to enrich you so
you can better partici-pate in community. If you thought the Quest was hard,
you have an even more difficult row to hoe in bringing that Vision to the
people, into a society which is only slowly coming to value the worth of these
experiences and which is desperately clinging to the old status quo it knows,
even though it also now knows that this has not been an especially healthy way.
You come, as a child newborn into the world, trailing streams of glory -- the
Blessings of Source -- behind and all around you, and a key to gifting others
with these Blessings will be figuring out a way to do so that is not going to
overwhelm them.

Just as your physical birth was difficult, so returning to the company of others
will be. You have been alone with yourself, Nature, and Source for some time
now, and contact with others may be painful. If fear or resentment well up
within you, bring yourself back in your mind to the special moments of the
Quest, and bring back to the present the sense of the sacred you experienced
there. Let its mantle of security and grace enfold you and give you strength
and courage, and view the life you are returning to with the new eyes you were
given, yet also with a new purpose in your tasks. Don't let yourself be drowned
by the mundanity of day to day living; try once in awhile to see the little
things in the same way you saw details on the Quest, and find new meaning and a
new center there.

Marrying the inner with the outer, the intuitive with the logical, the sacred
with the mundane is integrally part of the incorporation. The process begins
and continues with carrying on a dialogue between that which is beyond words and
that which is known, and the council fire is intended to give you a boost in
that direction. As much as you can and feel prepared to do, share what happened
for you. Explore what it meant for you, and ask, if you wish, for the others to
share how your visions impact them. As in the preparatory phase, the facets of
insights shared may help to round out your understanding, and will certainly
help each of us have a fuller experience of the Quest. You may even want to
gift the group with a brief ritual to share the inner wisdom of your Vision, and
this, too, will help you find ways to
express what you now know without words.

It is suggested that rather than isolating yourself when you re-enter community,
you try to reach out to others by hugging them, sharing meals, and perhaps also
finding a companion with whom to share some of the gifts of your Questing. Know
too, that just as your choices were correct in the Questing, they will continue
to be correct and the right things for you to do when you have completed the
Quest. One of the most difficult things may be that in spite of your best
efforts, those around you are reluctant to hear what you have to share with
them, for what you have braved to do challenges deep places inside of them; be
confident that in just living the changes you have undergone, they are rippling
out to benefit everyone. Truly, living your Visions rather than trickling their
power away through talk is the key to manifesting them.

Although you may meet resistance, at first existing in the vim and vigor of your
Visions will probably be easy: the momentum and amassed energy from the Quest
will goad you on. Your whole body may feel refreshed, your mind alert and aware,
and those Visions are quite clear to you. As time goes on, though, it may
become somewhat trickier to retain your commitment to the Vision and the
purposes you saw for yourself during the Quest. Habits will wear away at the
freshness, routine will dull your clarity, and the doubts projected on you by
the unaware may tire you. You may find it helpful in undergoing the transition
to keep journaling and asking and answering questions about what you discovered
on the Quest: Who are you? Why are you here? What were some of the most
significant things you did on the Quest, why, and why were they important? What
was unpleasant? What did Shadow Self reveal? How can you bring this back to
your community and your life? What do these things mean? and so on.

Refresh yourself often in the fountain of memories from the Quest, and many of
the changes it wrought will come organically, with little or no effort. But
that does not mean that it will get any easier to live in the two worlds you now
know exist: the archetypal, visionary, shamanic world that you experienced in
threshold, and the stereotypical, pragmatic, mundane world in which much of your
life is lived. Although confusion, doubt, and resistance are all part of the
usual process after Questing and signify that you are wavering between the two
worlds, it is important not to stay stuck there, but go on. When you're feeling
spiritually dry, take time to replenish the inner vision in ways that feel
meaningful and powerful to you; when you notice that the outside world is being
neglected, make your participation in that more meaningful, and it will not
dehydrate you so often or so quickly.

Finally and continually, thank your self for giving yourself this lifelong gift,
and partake of it often. Blessed Be.

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Vision Questing
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