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 The Closing Ritual For Rune Magick

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The Closing Ritual For Rune Magick Empty
PostSubject: The Closing Ritual For Rune Magick   The Closing Ritual For Rune Magick I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 28, 2009 9:17 am

When a rite has been begun with an opening formula, a closing rite
is in order.

1. Face north or east in the elhaz STADHA and intone:

Now is done the holy work
of word and deed
Helpful to godly children
Hurtful to etin-churls
Hail to (him/her/them) who speak(s) them
Hail to (him/her/them) who grasp(s) them
Needful to (him/her/them) who know(s) them
Hail to (him/her/them) who heed(s) them.

2. At this point the hammer rite (without the rune ring) may be performed,
although this would be optional.

3. If it is not TOTALLY SAFE to allow the brazier to burn itself out,
extinguish it by placing a cover over it with the words:

Fire that glows without
forever be kindled within
by the might of Odhinn-Vili-Ve.

4. If the energy built up by the entire operation is to be internalized, then
draw the collected energies into your personal center by standing in the cross
position, and while deeply inhaling, draw your arms in so that your fingertips
touch your solar plexus. Turn in all four directions and repeat this action,
each time visualizing the sphere being drawn into your center. If the energy of
the rite has been sent abroad, then you may simply split the sphere with your
hand or knife and step out of the circle.

The Closing Ritual For Rune Magick Loyaltykm2
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The Closing Ritual For Rune Magick
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