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PostSubject: Introduction   Introduction I_icon_minitimeSun May 20, 2012 1:51 pm

Hello. I probably won't get along with all of you and my views may conflict with some, but I come here to seek other people who may be searching for what I am looking for or have knowledge that they would like to share back and forth with me.

In early childhood I suffered from severe hallucinations of the walking dead and visions of "Hell". I became very religious (Catholicism) and wanted to be "good", but in middle school I finished the whole Bible and after I read it cover to cover I became an atheist. Soon later, I became a complete misanthropic nihilist with some interest in Norse paganism and Satanism. Yes, I was into black & folk metal. No, I am very anti-racist and not an anti-Semite.

So I've been living most of these years as a nihilist, juggling minor occult belief systems and embracing Nietzschean philosophy. I've always told myself that nothing supernatural, spiritual, or "magical" exists and that it can always be explained with science. I will always be a critical person, so I cannot be indoctrinated into a belief system easily. Now, to tell you what I seek.

The past two months I've gone deep self-reflection and the meaninglessness and depression in my life has driven me to insanity. I've had a new perspective on life and although at my core I am still a nihilist, I have an interest and believe in a small chance that there is something greater out there. That my life isn't just some product of my past and living each day as merely 'human'. I see the world in such a different perspective than my peers...the world is so very messed up and I want to find my own Light...

Pleased to find this site, I hope it meets my anticipated expectations. Smile I love knowledge, wisdom, and discussing so don't be afraid to talk to me!
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PostSubject: Re: Introduction   Introduction I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 03, 2012 1:23 pm

Hey. Just wanted to say, I'm an emperialist too. The thing about Magick is that it is a logical system that is based on real, tangible energy manipulation even if it is not commonly accepted by modern science. Remember, this is the same system of thought that said the Earth was flat. As each new energy is discovered in a quantifiable manner, only then will main stream science accept it. Until then, keep searching. Life is good if you let it be. Particularly good to remember if you decide to experiment with spell work as the laws of action and reaction most definitely apply. Blessed Be, friend.
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