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 Jung Personality Test

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Aunt Clair

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PostSubject: Jung Personality Test   Thu Nov 10, 2011 2:39 am

Jung Personality Test
Briggs Myers Typology

This test is based upon the works of Carl Jung the famous psychoanalyst who was also a Hermetic Alchemist, too. It has been around for years and it is supposedly held to be very accurate amongst psychologists.

The Test provides your type 'formula', type attributes, and suggested career choices.The test might help the magician with their soul mirror on Step I of IIH. More concerning this style of test;

I saw it on 2 different esoteric groups and became intrigued with the responses. I would like to see further results .So I thought I would share it here , too. Please take the test if you choose, it is free, and then post your results should you care too.

The test is currently posted at a number of Metaphysical/Magick/Occult Forums. One observation I have had is that many metaphysicists/mystics/magicians/wiccans/projectors, irregardless of paradigm, seem to be INFP and INFJ which are supposed to be very rare in the general population.

So I wonder if we had a series of 100 or more results if the percentage of intuitive feelers INF_ would be higher amongst all forms of magicians than amongst the general population. I believe so.

Results so far
INFJ V/// 8/28 28.6 %
INFP V/ 6/28 21.4%
INTJ V/ 6/28 21.4%
INTPV/ 6/28 21.4%
ISFJ / 1/28 3.6%
ENTJ / 1/28 3.6%

IN+ F 14/28 =50%
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PostSubject: Re: Jung Personality Test   Wed Nov 16, 2011 6:43 pm

Oh I've taken this, pretty fun...

Just as we thought it was hideous, we fell back in awe.
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Jung Personality Test
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