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 Crystal ball newcomer

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PostSubject: Crystal ball newcomer   Tue Aug 09, 2011 6:58 pm

So I was at the Gypsy shop in my town and I was drawn to a Crystal Ball, I'd done tarot as well as runes and never felt anything like this long story short I bought it. Its a dark dark red small ball like about two inches. Anyways I read a book the night I bought it. Now, I didn't do a cleansing but I was just soooo drawn to it I had to try it. I read that I should try to meet my crystal's spirit. I went into a trance while staring into the ball. I had like a vision or something about meeting it.
I wake up in this field and I roll over in the grass and see a cliff. In the cliff there was a cave. I was drawn to climb up it. Once in the cave I was greeted by a giant Crimson Bird, It didn't tell me it's name or anything but I was washed over by feelings of respect, fear, reverance, and yet love. Then I got on it and we flew!
I "wake up" Staring at the little ball and 20 minutes had gone by! Really I need help as to what this means and if this is a normal way to experience from a ball because everyone else sees smoke and crap but I had a vision in my head. Also to calm any fears my ball is in a salt bath and will be set out for the charging very soon. I won't using it until its cleansed.
So is what happened normal? Am I suppossed to see smoke or is that just another way of doing it? Please help
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Crystal ball newcomer
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