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 Met Tet or Guardian Angel

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PostSubject: Met Tet or Guardian Angel    Met Tet or Guardian Angel  I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 15, 2010 1:17 pm

When you walk this path you do not do it alone, you have a Met Tet or Master of the head to watch over and guide you, a patron Lwa, like a holy guardian angel. You do not get to pick and choose who your Met Tet is, some say you are born with them and that their spirit runs through your veins, and is a very intimate part of who you are.

You may have more than one Lwa that walk with you, but only one Met Tet. There are said to be many ways that your Met Tet is identified, through a lave tet, a topic which I will explain in another post but for now I will explain it as a cleansing ceremony of the head, this is the most common method, another way is to have a Mambo or Hougun identify them for you, and sometimes they reveal themselves to you through dreams or possession. However, identifying your Met Tet may be difficult for another to identify for you as they are often elusive, this is for the protection of your well being.

It is considered bad form to ask a person who their Met Tet is as well as considered highly suspicious, the assumption being that the person who is asking would want to work wanga ( a packet bundle filled with herbs, talismans and other points of power) or that they will serve that lwa better then you and win their favor, making you vulnerable to hardship and attacks. That being said it is also a bad idea to walk around saying “my Met Tet is so and so”

Service to your Met Tet is very beneficial as it will make your magick more focused, it will make you more powerful, as well answers will become clearer and obstacles will be cleared from your path easier.
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Met Tet or Guardian Angel
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