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 Shadow Meditation or Connection to death energy

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PostSubject: Shadow Meditation or Connection to death energy   Wed Dec 15, 2010 1:10 pm

Death in itself is a frightening subject for most because it represents the ultimate unknown and lets face it western society has become more squemish concerning the process of death, we no longer prepare our family members for burial that is all done neatly away from us, even animal death, how many of us think upon how our beef or chicken got to our table before us. Death has been neatly packaged and moved away from our everyday lives. Because of this fact it is harder for most to connect with a force that is as natural as the life energy we connect with.
As I have said in my earlier post concerning necromancy, the feeling of a departing spirit is akin to a great lifting, a heavyness being removed, now because not all of us have been in a death room I will do my best to describe the feeling of it while the death is happening. Now this may seem like a gruesome process to go through and to describe, it is quite neccisary to the understanding of the energy that is produced and if we understand it, it can be tapped into again. Now a word of caution if you are particularly sensitive to death energy it is not advised to spend to much time in a death room as the experience can drive you mad. I speak from experience as I spent a week watching after which I was quite numb and very much drained.
Upon entering the death room there is a heavy energy almost akin to walking through a thick fog, the room seems darker than it should be and the shadows almost move, those waiting in the room (alive and dead) contribute to this energy. There is not so much of a urgency as it is a building of anticipation for when the moment arives. As this goes on the room gets darker as the time gets closer and the energy thicker when the moment of release happens it is a sudden burst of energy and then the room becomes light and calm again. This feeling can be compared to a storm building, hitting and then subsiding.
So how to tap into this energy, begin as you would any normal meditation comfortably in a darkened room, visualize the shadows gathering becoming full of substance, moving towards you, the air becoming thicker, your own feeling of anticipation for the moment of release. Remain calm during this process, if at any moment fear over takes you count back from 100 and turn on all the lights dispursing any left behind shadows. When you feel you are ready, release the energy up and outwards letting it burst forth from you, the shadows recieding back. After the energy has left take a moment to feel the perfect calm that is before you. Ground and center as you normally would before and after. As you practice this meditation it becomes easier to tap into the universal death energy during ritual and the nature of it becomes more clear.
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Shadow Meditation or Connection to death energy
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