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 Potion to mend a broken heart

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PostSubject: Potion to mend a broken heart   Sun Jan 31, 2010 11:12 am

Potion to heal a broken heart

Violet leafs , whole 7 to 9 of them
Mint 3 branches
Few pine needles
Whole Rose flower , preferably white
A tablespoon of honey or brown sugar
Two cups of spring water

In two cups of spring water poured into cauldron add ingredients listed , all but honey ( or sugar )

Then stir visualizing occasionally potion glowing with healing colored light ( blue , white , gold yellow what You consider healing color shall do )
When it is about to boil chant three times while stirin’

Violet to heal heart broken
Mint to strengthen mind troubled
Pine to cleanse body and soul
Rose to inspire spiritual love for all
Honey to sweeten the bitter heart
This potion to bid ill love apart .

Divide the love in three portions and drink one in morning , one at midday and one at night , when the Moon is Full.

NOTE : This potion is written by me , meaning it is my proprietary formula based on traditional herbal use and correspondences , so If You wish ti use it elsewhere . feel free , however give credits !!! You can put this: By Shadow of . Thank You !
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Potion to mend a broken heart
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