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PostSubject: Advertisement Campaigne   Advertisement Campaigne I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 07, 2009 5:17 am

It's obvious we need to do a massive advertisement campaigne, but I can't and won't do it alone. This is your site, your pride, your work. If you have any love for this site, you should share it and help the site grow. Here are some ideas that came from the chat:

Twitter: can someone make a page for us? You can pm me for more details of what I want.
Myspace: We need a myspace page
Banners: We have a banner, but we need to spread it. Any ideas of how to do this?
Spreading our ideas: it's really not enough just to spread the banner around. You have to explain what magick is, but in a way that doesn't make us look like geeky teens with no sense of reality. It has to be carefully put. While I can write up the message, I want to know what you all want in the message. What points to stress?
Audience: there has been some talk about what should our audience be. Any ideas?
Other sites: start naming sites we can make a page like myspace, but different.

There was also some talk about combining the articles into one big document that can be downloaded. Any thoughts about that? good, bad? I'm willing to take other articles that you all have written. Perhaps a group should be in charge of that?

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