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 Wisdom and Guidance

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PostSubject: Wisdom and Guidance   Sun Dec 06, 2009 11:13 am

Anoint a blue pillar or seven day candle with the “Clarity oil” or if You lack the same “Holy anointing oil” , “Abramelin oil” , “Vision oil”, “Guidance oil” or any oil good for answer and wisdom , or connected to Holy things .
On a piece of paper write Your question and place it underneath the candle , folded on half .
Pray for seven days , asking for guidance and answers .
Here are a few good prayers to accompany Your petition’s
* Speak, O Lord, for Your servant is listening. I say, Your servant, because at last I am such. I am Your servant and I want to be; I want to walk in Your way all the days and nights of my life. Fill me with a spirit to understand what Your holy plans are for me. And reduce my desires to the single desire to understand Your sublime truths.
Speak, in order to console my anxious soul. Speak, in order to lead it to repentance. Speak, so that Your glory, thus more exalted, will grow eternally.
*Any prayer to Holy Sprirt
*Angele dei
Wisdom and guidance oil
Sage , Solomon seal root , with pinch of hyacinth or hibiscus. In each bottle made You may place a piece of amethyst .
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Wisdom and Guidance
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