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 Hoodoo unnexing and unjinxing

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PostSubject: Hoodoo unnexing and unjinxing   Tue Dec 01, 2009 7:20 am

Uncrossing Conjure style

There is a whole palette of supernatural cures for “Curses hexes and other neat stuff” ( why did I put this under quotation marks , hehe well because it is also a neat book by Dorothy Morrison ), and they can vary from banishing , healing or blessing or all combined.
Lets take one of Hoodoo trade mark of conjure
Hot foot Powder , here is how I make it
Simply blend equal amounts of
- red cayenne pepper
- black pepper
- sulphur ( brimstone )
- Sea salt
Powder good and use to send away all enemies , banish dangerous and unwanted . It can of course be used as hexing agent which I do not advise .
Well so how is that uncrsossing You may ask ?
Well technically speaking it is not . But If You use it to send enemies away it is, or banish evil spells or spirits !

However If I would like to elaborate on each possible ways of dealing with the attacks including banishment and healing , and blessing It would take way more than a book . Therefore I shall narrow to basic unhexing , jinx lifting or unjixing , uncrossing call it what You prefer ,since even thought terms denote slightly different purposes, they are way to alike and in common speech synonyms
So for under basic uncrossing methods we include

- Spells and charms of all sorts
- Rituals of disenchantment
- Candle burning spells
- Use of oils and ingestion of potions
- Baths ( one of my favorites )
- Floor washes ( for rooms and places )
- Combination of above mentioned

So here is an example of my Hoodoo uncrossing spell that covers two categories mentioned

Hoodoo candle uncrossing spell

White offertory or pillar candle .Dress with some uncrossing oil ( I will give my recipe bellow, but myrrh , patchouli and mint work great ), and sprinkle with uncrossing powder Best option is white crucifix candle . Fix it to a bottom of metal pot or dish . Half fill with spring water and a cup of Holy or consecrated water . Add some dried herbals in the pot , either Agrimony , Rue or Basil, or maybe few cloves of Garlic. Lit the candle and read the Psalm 10th and then the 37th three times , Let the candle burn itself in water . Por the remaining on the crossroad speaking an affirmation or chant how You are free from evil.

But here is also an example on how we reverse spells in Conjure tradition a well known method edited by humble myself :

Reversing candle

Best to use either black or double action black candle . Skull candles also work quite well here , especially If Your thought’s are hexed or You have a headaches.
Dress the candle with Flying devil oil , and sprinkle with blackberry leaf or Wood betony.
For better effects , place it on mirror , carve with return to sender , reverse , or similar and circle with crab shell powder.
It will send back the spell to the caster as soon as it burns down .
Wrap the remainings in old newspaper and cast into a running stream or bury .

Bath of uncrossing

Make a bath out of the following
- Hyssop
- Basil or Rue , or both
- Salt
- Powdered milk
- Anise oil few drops and a tablespoon eggshell powder
Read the Psalms ( 10th , 37th ,and 51st ) , immerse Yourself or pour over head seven or nine times . let the bath dry on its own .
If You do not know how to make baths look at my article on Hoodoo baths and floor washes .

Hoodoo uncrossing oil by me as follows
Hex and jinx killing oil

* Mint
* Wood betony
* Agrimony
* Rue
* Hyssop
A garlic clove in each bottle . top with oil. If You are going to color it use green food coloring or green dye . You may place a peace of broken chain in each bottle .

Consult Hyatt’s tome If You can get access to it , since there are plenty of simple , raw Conjure spells against bewitchment .

• One of them says If You want to know who is hexing You , You should boil a piece of red flannel in pot at stove . I would add words of power and pinch of sensa snake root
• Other says that “If You keep a dime in Your mouth You can not be hoodoo”
• Or If You sprinkle Your shoes bottoms with mixture of salt and black pepper You can not be Hoodooed ( especially when walking over powders or buried tricks )

Now here another recipe by me for that nasty occasions where You might have been ingested fixed ( sprinkled food ) food

Healing , unhexing brew

Brew a tablespoon of nettle , teaspoon of thyme , and nice pinch of either Tormentil or Agrimony. Brew it in spring water until boil, then remove and cover right away. Strain and add some Holy water . Recite over it psalm 37th and drink right away .
This is more effective when drunk as soon as possible after ingesting the food .

Fly Devil oil

Just add red papperflakes to olive oil .

* Many people add so many different things like cinnamon , ginger , sandalwood , making it to resemble fiery wall of protection more than this simple formula .
One given here is a true , traditional recipe and In my opinion should not be changed

Unjinxing powder
- Chamomile
- Wintergreen
- Mint
Another traditional formula. Dust candles and shoes bottoms , items , add to baths and floor washes etc.
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Hoodoo unnexing and unjinxing
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