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 Hoodoo hexing and jinxing

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PostSubject: Hoodoo hexing and jinxing   Tue Dec 01, 2009 7:08 am

Hoodoo hex can be very nasty , Just take a look at “Curse to swell a man” from “Mules and Man” by Zora Neale Hurston, it is a curse that makes a man swell much like effect
of elephantiasis just many, many times worse . The people under this curse can literarily
resemble a huge round balloon and can often end badly .


But fortunate enough there is a cure for any curse in Hoodoo .
Some of really bad tricks You one could be subjected in conjure tradition are :

- sprinkling gofer dust where they will walk
- sprinkling tracks of someone with same or graveyard dirt
- making a mold of someone’s footprint and doing all sorts of job on it
- burying a bottle under a doorstep , in Yard, where the victim shall walk over and similar , the jar or bottle is filled with hexing agents and a belonging of a person or it’s name on a piece of brown paper ( used in Hoodoo for control too )
- then , “fixing” the food or drink which in my opinion is one of the nastiest and most dangerous method of hexing
- using Voodoo dolls ( please note that Voodoo dolls serve for much more than harm , their primary purposes are other , research Ju Ju and Gris Gris to see what am I talking about ) , puppets and conjure bags ( least used, but still powerful in hexing and all harm work )
* In Ray T. Malbrough’s book “Charms , spells and formulas” You can find an incense example which in it’s name suggest countering the power of malevolent gris gris but is used for general unjinxing , unhexing and other of a kind

How to hex someone ?

I really do not want to be called out , bashed and other , for “teaching black magick and dark arts” or any other accusation that is similar to these .

But it is a sad fact that we live in a cruel world , where some parts of society are rotten so much . Therefore learning about hexing does not necessarily mean You must use You newfound knowledge , but trust me for Defense against one who do You must have some idea .
Also hexing a demon , or evil spirit or even a really malevolent person that would not stop harming You is not that evil in my eyes .

But lets get down on the tips and info
For hexing You will need hexing agents and material , supplies If You will , and such as :

* HERBS : Wormwood , Cayenne Pepper , Black Pepper , Valerian , Calamus , Patchouli , Spanish Moss and many others
( for all Herbal Hoodoo matters I strongly suggest Miss Catherine Yronwode’s book “Hoodoo Herb and root magick” , which is a priceless gem in any occult library indeed )

* Jars , bottles , conjure bags , cloth for dolls , clay or wax for puppet and other material

* Curios such as black cat and black dog hair , coffin nails ( to make a war water for example ) , graveyard dirt , goofer dust , Hot foot powder , four thieves vinegar and other

Please note that using offensive magick can be a mean of defense in variety of cases !So lemme give you few examples :

The following are from my very all times favorite book on Hoodoo called “Voodoo Hoodoo spellbook” by My favorite author and a person that I have great respect towards
Denise Alvarado:

To Cross an Enemy (1)
Carve the name of one you want to cross in a black cross candle. Turn the candle upside down and carve away at the wax until the wick is exposed from the bottom. Burn upside down. Dispose of the wax remains in a cemetery.
To Cross an Enemy (2)
Carve the name of your oppressor into a black image candle and anoint it upside down with revenge oil. Say Psalm 55 over the candle 9 times while it burns and throw the wax remains in a cemetery.
To Cross an Enemy (3)
Draw a cross mark with wavy lines in the ground with a stick in the path of your target. Sprinkle a crossing powder made of salt, sulphur, black pepper, cayenne pepper, graveyard dirt onto the cross mark. Activate the cross mark by spitting on it and cursing out your enemy.

I honestly can not stress enough how stupid is to use hexing spells to harm someone that did nothing To You or is merely an annoying person .

Now here is an example of spell to use on someone really dangerous when You have no other ways to deal with him , or her
1. Get a black human shaped candle
2. Dress it with Black Arts oil
3. Sprinkle with Valerian root , powdered or grinded and/or wormwood , you could use some graveyard dust too
4. Prepare a number of black head pins You see suitable
5. Heat one pin , and stab the candle with it through hart saying : If You do anything against me , may the thousand swords go through Your heart !
6. Heat another two and pin the candles hands saying : If Your hands work against me may they become stiff and useless as wood chops !
7. Now heat two more , pin the candles legs and say : If You walk to do ill , may You legs become disobedient until they stop obeying You and You befall !
8. If You have more pins , pin candle parts that You believe can do harm !
9. Now say : If You however decide not to harm me may this curse be but a mere passing headache to You !
10. Dispose of remaining in graveyard or crossroad .
Please do not use this cruel spell , If not really necessary ! I would not use it ever , even though I have written it, unfortunately it could be only way to keep a dangerous enemy down for some people.
If You know Your enemy identity a name is carved on the candle , or picture placed underneath and best to use Human shaped candle of correct gender.
If You do not know Your enemy identity use an pillar candle or figural devil candle !
Black Arts oils ( by Miss Catherine Yronwode’s respectfully )
Black Arts oil

There are many recipes for Black Arts Oil. Here's a quick one:

half a dropper essential oil of patchouli
half a dropper essential oil of black pepper
a pinch of valerian root
a pinch of black poodle dog hair
a pinch of black mustard seeds
a pinch of spanish moss
a pinch of mullein
a pinch of powdered sulphur
nine whole black peppercorns

Blend into one half-ounce carrier oil such as almond.
Colour dark brown.

catherine yronwode (
Lucky Mojo Curio Co:
The Lucky W Amulet Archive:
©️ 1999 catherine yronwode
Ok enough about hexing let’s move on !

Art bt Miss Denise Alvarado[img]
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Hoodoo hexing and jinxing
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