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 basics of wiccan belief (VERY BASIC)

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PostSubject: basics of wiccan belief (VERY BASIC)   Mon Nov 30, 2009 2:19 pm

Wiccan Beliefs

The Egyptians had many different practices, as did the Greeks and the Romans and the Celts. Wicca is one of the many that exist today and within Wicca there are many different traditions, all with slightly different practices and spiritual focus. All Wiccans do however share some common beliefs, although they may express and experience those beliefs in different ways.

Typically the shared spiritual beliefs include:

Divinity is plural – expressed through both the masculine (God) and feminine (Goddess). Wiccans may be henotheistic, polytheistic or pantheistic – or a combination of these.
That the Moon, Sun and Earth are important planetary bodies from which power can be drawn. That the Moon, Sun and Earth are all part of the sacred divine – usually expressed as the Moon Goddess, Sun God and Earth Goddess.
That the changing seasons on Earth yields important symbolic changes in our personal lives too. The celebration of the “turning of the wheel” (ie. The Wheel of the Year Sabbats) play an important role in Wicca.
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basics of wiccan belief (VERY BASIC)
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