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 Strength of the Dead Soak

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PostSubject: Strength of the Dead Soak   Thu Nov 26, 2009 1:44 pm

Corpse Water (water used to wash a corpse)
War Water
Love Water
Grave Yard Soil
A Sieve/Strainer for Soil
Any Black Crystal or Rock that has come from Lava/Magma
Spring Water
Full Moon

In a container for add the liquids for every 50ml of spring water add 5-10 ml of love water and war water and add 10-15 ml of corpse water, put the crystal/rock in the sieve cover with the Grave Soil then add some water (spring) letting the water go through into the mix at the end place the rock?crystal in the container leave over night lid on container in full rays of moon keep out of sunlight

to spice up the batch add blood etc dont bath with this water if you have cuts or easily get sick its uses bring strenght aid etc of the dead can be used to invoke or envoke spirits summon biengs etc the effects last up to seven days and & nights or as to my experiances if you want it to be more potent and last longer then add a couple of drops of brandy and blood

Do not underestimate a vampire especialy a very Thirsty Vampire Very Happy
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Strength of the Dead Soak
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