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 Gris Gris magick

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PostSubject: Gris Gris magick   Sat Nov 21, 2009 7:30 am

Gris Girs magick , mojo bags recipes and suggestions

Ok Girs Gris ( pronounced Gree Gree ) is a French word for African talismanic magickal bags , that are widely used in Hoodoo practice , particularly rich use in New Orleans conjure work .

The material is mostly flannel , but can be leather , satin or perhaps some other , but these are most traditional ones . It is said that Marie Levaeu’s gris girs were made of leather , filled with oddest curious and had power that was astonishing . People used to pay a small fortune for one of those

They are traditionally 2x3 , and made in color appropriate to Your wish , aim ( use correspondences given for candle colors ) . If You are uncertain of color use red flannel .
Place and odd number of items in it , always an odd number , more then 3 less then 13 .
Consecrate it and each week or day , or few days anoint with oil that has similar purpose . If You are uncertain of that too , and in dilemma use Power oil .

So what can we place in mojo bags ( also called hands ) ?

- herbs ( check herbal correspondences )
- mineral curios , crystals , stones , soil etc
- animal parts ( curious ) here are few examples
* alligator feet , or tooth – gambling luck
* shark teeth – protection
* black cat hair – gambling luck , divorce causing , creating discord
* black dog hair – combined for same purpose with the cat’s
* crab shell powder – reversing jinxes back to caster
* black hen feather – lifting the jinx , curse , removing cross condition
* White pigeon feather - blessing , healing
And many others
- Others : powdered eggshell ( purification , jinx removing ) , saltpeter ( disarming
Enemies ) salt ( protection ) , nails ( protection , evil repellent , strength ) ,
Graveyard dirt ( protection , against evil ) , quartz ( healing , spirituality ), bones (
Human for gambling luck , black cat gamble mojo lucky hands , chicken same
And also evil eye repellent like crossbones amulet )
Then seals and talismans ( from European grimoires and magickal texts like Black
Pullet or Key of the King Solomon, Abramelins work ) , Your blood, and other

So now lets go through few examples

Lucky dices mojo

This is my suggestion for mojo bag to promote gambler’s luck

- tbs of lavender
- tbs of chamomile
- few laurel leafs
- Solomon seal herb
- Master of the woods root
- Dices
- Gold or silver coin
- Chicken bone painted black
- Black cat hair
- Small pieces of turquoise
- Money bill
- Pinch of Successes powder
- Calendula flower , whole

All in green flannel bag and anoint with some Crown of Success or Success oil , or best even Black cat oil . If You lack those essence of Van Van shall do .

Demons at foot gris gris

Gris Gris I would use to protect from and repel demons and evil spirits

Red or black flannel bag

- pinch of agrimony and bayberry leafs mixed
- some asafetida
- angelica root
- St. John the Conqueror root
- Basil leafs and poppy root mixed powder , tablespoon
- Crucifixion tied to 6th pentacle of Mars , both washed with Holly water
- Salt , a good pinch shall do

Anoint with either of : Protection oil , or Run Devil oil.

Art of seduction or Follow me gris gris

Red or pink flannel bag


- red rose petals
- verbena
- guinea pepper ( to confuse the person )
- lavender
- red feathers
- rose quartz stone or carnelian for stronger effect ( more “brutal” domination )
- paper with Your lip-print and if obtainable piece of “victim’s” hair wrapped in it
Anoint with Follow me boy oil , or Seduction oil , I dominate my man or women oil, Love oil

Bless all the gris gris bags before use and then dress the regulary so that they keep their strength . Look my Hoodoo blessings and consecrations section If You do not know how would You do that .
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Gris Gris magick
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