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 Deity Magick

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PostSubject: Deity Magick   Tue Nov 10, 2009 7:41 pm

Deity Magick

Deity Magick is the ability to call upon the Gods for assistance.

This is essentially your spirituality and your rapport with Deity.

One very common error people make in this relationship is that

Of trying to turn the Gods into personal Servants.

Another mistake is lack of common courtesy.

People often begin by requesting something from their Deity,

Without preliminary dialog. It is important to first call upon the

Name of the Deity and express your feelings about it, or admiration

Of it. After this you may proceed with your needs.

When we phone a friend, we first exchange greetings and concern

For each other's well-being, before we get to the point of the

Phone call. It would be rude to bypass the greeting and

"How are you doing?"

Element's, and in the case of Deity and to express your feelings

About it is absolutely foolish. Yet many people commonly do just that, and then wonder why things are not progressing the way they desired.

Another error commonly made is not to address Deity for months at

A time and then call upon them in time of need.

Just like any relationship, you must keep in touch during the good

Times, if you expect help during the bad times.

Essentially I'm addressing rapport with Deity. Establish an alter,

And greet your Deity each day.

Give thanks, place offerings of flowers, show appreciation, and be

Loving and loyal.
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Deity Magick
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