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 Your Basic Elements

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PostSubject: Your Basic Elements   Your Basic Elements I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 28, 2009 3:43 pm

What the elements have to do with psionics is the fact that all the psionics or at least 99% of them, are dealing with the ability to control one or even multiple elements.


Basic 4 Elements Everyone Should Know

From highest density to lowest and their placement on a pentagram (you'll need this trust me):
Earth- Bottom Left Point (corner)
Water- Higher Right Point
Fire- Bottom Right Point
Air/Wind- Higher Left Point
Spirit (which isn't really and element)- The Very Center
And the top point is often either empty or light/dark or chaos will fill it.
But neither light, dark or chaos are truly elements so I don't suggest putting anything in the top.


Some of Your Basic Subelements

Basic sub-elements and their compositions:
Ice- presence of air, presence of water, absence of fire
Lightening- presence of air, presence of fire
Plants- presence of water, presence of earth, absence of fire

There are many more but no time to list them...


How to Use Psionic Abilities

If a basic element:
*Need to know the element you wish to control
*The proper precautions needed
*The type of psi needed

If a sub-element:
*Need to knwo the sub-element you wish to control
*Need to knwo it's compositions
*Able to use all the composition (recommended)
*The proper precautions needed (sub-elements are normally more powerful than the basic 4)
*The type of psi needed

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Your Basic Elements
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