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 Simple Incenses

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PostSubject: Simple Incenses   Simple Incenses I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 23, 2009 12:59 pm

Allspice – Burn to attract money and luck and to provide extra physical energy.

Arabic , Gum – Use for purification and protection of the home.

Bay – Use a small amount for purification , healing , protection and to sharpen psychic powers.

Benzoin – For purification , prosperity and increaseing mental powers.

Cedar – smolder for purification , protection , to speed healing and promote spirituality. Also to abtain money.

Cinnamon – burn to sharpen psychic powers , to draw money , speed healing , confer protection and strengthen love.

Clove – protection , exorcism , money , love and purification.

Copal – burn for protection , cleansing , purification , to promote spirituality , purify quartz crystals and other stones before use in magic.

Dragon’s Blood – use for love , protection , exorcism and sexual potency.

Fern – burn the dried fronds indoors to excorcise evil and outdoors to bring rain.

Frankincense – protection , exorcism , spirituality , love and consecration.

Juniper – exorcism , protection , healing and love.

Myrrh – healing – protection , exorcism , peace , consecration and meditation.

Pine – smolder for money , purification , healing and exorcism.

Rosemary – burn for protection , exorcism , purification , healing and to cause sleep. Also to restore or maintain youth , bring love and to incease intellectial powers.

Sage – smolder to promote healing and spirituality.

Sandalwood – for protection , healing , exorcism , spirituality.

Thyme – health , healing , purification.

Scott Cunninham -- The Complete Book of Incenses , oils & Brews

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Simple Incenses
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