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 Blessing of the Salt

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PostSubject: Blessing of the Salt   Fri Oct 09, 2009 6:43 pm

Wide use of salt as apohropeic tool in witchery actually comes from Christianity . Salt is being blessed by Priest or People of Faith and used during the ritual of Blessing the Water ( earlier ritual practice in Catholicism and still present in Orthodox Christianity where Priest add small amount of Blessed salt to water that is to be blessed ) , for banishing the evil , purification .

There is an Orthodox rite of dwelling purification , where we use Salt blessed on 7th of April in Church ( The Holiday called Annunciations at Catholics , celebrated on 6th of July ) , where we place the salt in heated pan , and according to how brown or black it becomes we can see how much of negative energy was in our dwelling . I used was since when salt changes colors all those negative energies are banished .

Here is an old Latin Salt benedictation

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Blessing of the Salt
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