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 Simple Evocations

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PostSubject: Simple Evocations   Wed Oct 07, 2009 3:00 pm

We evoke entities to make them do our biddings or make them appear in the scrying object . We stand in protection circle , in front of Triangle of art in center of which is placed seal of the entity we evoke ( or invoke ) and over 0or next to it a scrying tool ( for example larger crystal ,black scrying mirror or even water )
We light correspondent incense and if we are not sure we light frankincense or sandalwood , or myrrh

Then we speak the Invocation which If not given should sound like this

"I evoke and conjure thee O Spirit __________________ by the Supreme Majesty The True God which is known by the names YOD HEH VAU HEH , ADONAI , EHEIEH ,and AGLA to appear before me in this mirror ( or crystal bowl ) in fair and comely shape .

In peace I welcome You Spirit __________________and in the name of Most High I command You to stay within this mirror until You are dismissed , to speak honestly and answer all questions truthfully that I put before You."

When You are done with the questions or giving asigment to the spirit this Realeasing ( if not already given one , which is very rare ) should be said

"Go in peace and return to Your sphere of origin Oh Spirito _______________ by the authority of the true God, I command Thee to harm none as You depart , and to be ready to come quickly If called upon again."

The Protection circle should look like this

If Yu don't know about Triangle of art I suggest You learn before doing this . Triangle of art may look like this

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Simple Evocations
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