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 colour of magick

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PostSubject: colour of magick   Sat Oct 03, 2009 9:42 am

RED (Fire) Physical work-Healing of people and animals; physical passion and sexuality.Power colour, colour of fire, inspiration, vitality, pride, anger, bravery, strong emotions
purification, arid places, aggressive music (heartbeat), and lightening storms. Best colour to ward of danger. Use it for stability, grounding, prosperity and physical health

ORANGE-Pride and courage; heroism and attraction; kinship and prosperity (good harvest). This colour is attuned to warmth, friendship, abundance, spirit, will, principles, theory
and alertness. Use orange for fluidity of movement, pleasure and connection

YELLOW-(Air) Mental work; meditation, will, intellect and communication. Colour of friendship,Goodness and faith.Golden yellow is the colour of charm, trust. Psychic endeavours
and creativity. Good for balance, self-esteem, charisma, divination. Use yellow for strength of will, vitality, purpose and effectiveness

GREEN-(Earth) Vegetation (gardening)and herbalism; fertility and prosperity. Hope, joy, delight,growth and change are all aspects of green. Ivy green represents the emotional aspects, coping with grief, Cliffside ponderings and hush silence. Pale green, colour of new growth aids in healing process. Use green also for balance in relationships,compassion and self-acceptance

BLUE-(Water) Emotional work; Love, peace and protection. Considered the colour of wisdom thoughtfulness, and celestial regions, blue shares Friday and the planet Venus with Green (aqua, green&blue). A feeling of youthfulness fills this colour. Blue is excellent for peacefulness and profound reflection. Use blue for harmony, creativity,Communication and resonance

INDIGO-Perception, imagination, illusion and the ability to see patterns. Indigo is also associated with nightmares, hallucinations and madness. Indigo shading to ultraviolet is often called‘the colour of magick’

VIOLET-(purple) Power, wealth and good fortune. Considered the colour of royalty, purple represent,Judgement, industry and religious thought. Violet is the colour of spirit, etheric
Realms, higher esoteric learning, ancient wisdom and deeper mysteries. Use violet for spiritual centering and meditation along with expanding consciousness and cosmic awareness

BROWN- Everything to do with all animals, especially animal communication. Brown is for ‘horse Whisperers’ animal trainers, pet psychics and all people who seem to have the ability to Communicate with animals

BLACK- Blighting or binding; protection; as the colour of night, black represents foreboding, fortitude, And consistency. Used for banishing, turning negativity or making drastic life changes

WHITE- Blessing, or anything you want! The colour of purity, white represents friendship, sincerity,Divinity, transformation and singular focused sounds, such as a gong or bell.

GOLD- Masculine energies; strength, leadership, vitality. Gold represents adolescence, joy,Fruitfulness and nobility.

SILVER- Feminine energies; intuition, insight, dreams, psychic gifts and divination
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PostSubject: Re: colour of magick   Sat Jun 25, 2011 1:10 pm

This is my first time I visit here. I found so many interesting stuffs in your blog especially its discussion.

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colour of magick
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