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 A Protective Crystal Ritual

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PostSubject: A Protective Crystal Ritual   A Protective Crystal Ritual I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 02, 2009 2:03 pm

A Protective Crystal Ritual
This ritual is particularly effective for anyone feeling anxious about travelling or moving house. You
will need a map of the journey involved. You may like to work by candlelight, in which case light a
yellow candle for a journey of a short distance or duration and a blue one for major travel. You can
also adapt this ritual for a house move, burning a brown candle for a move to or within a town or city
and green for a rural or more isolated location.
* Spread five or six protective crystals across the map from your home to your destination.
* Prepare a circle of protective incense sticks or cones, such as copal, juniper or lemon verbena,
alternated with fern or frankincense incense for travel. Use holders or burners wide enough to collect
the ash. (Incense combines the qualities of the Earth in its substance and of the Sky when lit and so is
a very balanced form of magic, combining the Sky Father and Earth Mother, animus and anima
energies, or yang and yin in the Oriental tradition.)
* As you light the incense, say:
Far or near, guard my home, guide me safe o'er hill and foam, In darkest night, though apart, my
home I carry in my heart.
* While the incense is burning, make positive plans for your journey and focus on the most
pleasurable aspects.
* When the incense is burned through, collect any ash and sprinkle a little over the crystals you placed
over your home and destination.
* Wash the crystals in sacred water or any source of running water and allow them to dry naturally.
* Take your home crystal on the journey with you and give the destination crystal to a loved one. If
you live alone, bury it in a plant pot near the door to await your homecoming.
* For a house move, bury the 'new home' crystal near the front door of your present property to create
a happy atmosphere for the new owners or tenants. Bury the 'old home' crystal in the ground near your
new front door when you move, to transfer positive energies with you and make the new home
instantly yours.

From Cassandra Eason's "Practical guide to witchcraft and magick "

A Protective Crystal Ritual Cryscolour4A Protective Crystal Ritual Good%20luck
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A Protective Crystal Ritual
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