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 IS there such a thing as Christian magick

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PostSubject: IS there such a thing as Christian magick   Wed Sep 30, 2009 2:45 pm

Christian magick

Faith ( relligion ) and Magick are sibilings , in my oppinion.
Many ( especially ) catholic Christians would say there is no such a thing as Christian magick and called me a blesshamper for only writing these lines .

However they could be easily proven wrong .

When a Christian sets down , lights a candle and starts to pray it is magick . He is referring to his Deity , sending him a petition , helped by candle as a focus or amplificatory tool or item .

When he keeps cross hung on chain near bed for protection that is magick . He used Cross as an amulet not because he considers it a lucky symbol , fetish If You will , but an object of power , a relic that through history justified it’s power among the believers .

When a person of faith sprinkles room with Holy water , When an Orthodox priest blesses the great amount of water for of January ( a Christian Orthodox holiday known as God’s appearance ) , a mass , incense , robes all those are magick , and I could go on .

There are plenty of systems based on Christianity and I will just name a few here :

- Christian Wicca – a magickal system and a religion that adopted elements of Christianity and included them in Wicca teachings and belief system . Christian Wicca is a syncretism of Christianity and Wicca which uses the organizational and festival framework of Wicca while professing belief in the teachings of Jesus [1]
- Rose Cross teachings are based on Christianity and Quabbalah , and considered a most suitable system of Higher magick for a practitioner that considers himself a Christian by religion

- Hoodoo a folk magick based on mixture of Voodun and Christianity , with some additional influence of Quabbalah and American Indian practice . Conjurers most powerful tool is considered to be the Bible in Hoodoo , and Holy cards are something every Hoodoo two headed doctor has .

- Santeria also , much like Hoodoo is strongly influenced by Christianity .

- Christian Quabbalah , Quabbalah that incorporates Christian beliefs in Lors Jesus Christ as son of G’d

- Balkanic or Slavic witchcraft is a folk system that kept Midleage magickal eclectic type of practice , but also has quite some spells and procedures that invoke powers of Christian Saints , Angels or G’d and Holy Virgin Mary Herself ( respectfully )
Christian influence is particularly strong in Russia .

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IS there such a thing as Christian magick
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