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 terms used in magic I

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PostSubject: terms used in magic I   Mon Aug 31, 2009 11:40 pm

Here are some of the definitians found in magick history.
Just a small selection to get you all started.

Akashic Records: This is a giant data base that can be accessed by the mind. The mind accesses the data through universal connections. This data holds information on past lives and healing, among other things.

Amulet: An object of protection that has been ritually charged. These items deflect negative energies, including thoughts. These can be anything you feel appropriate: feathers, shells, beads,stones, etc.

Astral: Another dimension of reality. Also known as dreamtime. This name is from the Australian Aboriginal people.

Astral Travel/Projection: The process of separation from the physical body. You can travel in the astral plane, also known as dreamtime.

Bane: Bad, Evil or destructive.

Bind: To use magick to restrain someone or something.

Blood of the Moon: A woman's menstrual cycle. This is a very powerful time for us. If you acknowledge the strength within yourself, you are more powerful at this time than any other. ~(makes you look forward to the 'monthly curse' lol)~

Call: Invoking the Divine forces, such as ''to call the quarters''.

Chakras: Seven major energy sites on the human body. Each is associated with colour.
Crown - White
Forehead (Third Eye)- Purple
Throat - Blue
Chest - Pink or Green
Naval - Yellow
Abdomen - Orange
Groin - Red

Cone of Power: Energy that has been raised and focused for a specific purpose. This action may be solitary or in a coven.

Deosil: With the sun, Movement Clockwise.

Drawing down the Moon: This ritual is done during a full moon. It is used to empower the witch performing the ritual and unite her essence with the Goddess.

Green Man: Another name for the God. Since his kingdom is the woods, its quite appropriate.

Handfasting: A Pagan or Wiccan marriage ceremony.

Pantheon: A collection or group of Gods and Goddesses in a particular mythic or religious structure.

Scrying: A method of divination, using tools such as a bowl of inked water, a mirror, crystal ball etc,.

Sigil: A seal, sign, glyph, or other device, drawn or stamped, used in magick. Use them anywhere, on anything you desire.

Vision Questing: The use of Astral Projection, bi-location, or dreamtime to accomplish something. Also known as pathworking.
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PostSubject: terms used in magicII   Mon Aug 31, 2009 11:42 pm

Useful Terms and Words Explained

Altar - A surface, usually flat, that is set aside exclusively for magickal workings and is used as a focus of power.

Anointing Oil - A skin-safe, scented oil that is dabbed on the body (at chosen pulse points or on the forehead) in order to purify and individual mentally and spiritually.

Blue Moon -When there are two Full Moons in one calendar month, the second is called a Blue Moon.

Calling the Quarters - Verbal or symbolic acknowledgement of the Four Elements (Earth, Air, Fire Water) in a ritual environment.

Casting a Circle - Creating a mental magickal bubble that encloses the ritual area or an individual (as in protective magick). The circle enhances one's ability to focus, raise power, and contain that power until the person directing the ritual is ready to release the energy.

Cauldron - An iron pot, of any size, used to prepare ritual magicks, herbals, infusions, and so on. The cauldron is a symbol of the womb and the birth process, the ability to transform oneself into a more spiritual individual.

Centering - A meditation exercise designed to produce feelings of total calm and one-ness with the universe. It should be preceded by grounding.

Chalice - A cup, made from a variety of materials, that represents the Goddess. It is a symbol of potential.

Clan - Any number of covens who have agreed to follow the same kinds of rules, which spring from one central governing source. A clan has a single leader, and within the democratic clan governing system he or she had the power to veto proposals or actions of the group.

Correspondence -An item that has a magickal association.
Correspondences include: days, planets, stars, monthly Moons, angels, herbs, deities, oils, colors, Zodiac signs, hours, magickal alphabets, divinatory tools such as the Tarot, I-Ching, runes, etc., and many more. If you stick with your magickal training you will eventually learn all, or most,
of these correspondences by heart.

Coven - A small group of people who work together in magick, ritual, and religious activities within the Craft. The traditional number for a coven was thirteen, but covens can be as large as twenty or as few as three individuals.

Crescent Moon - Sacred symbol of the Goddess. Used for Sabbats,
women's healing and invocations.

Daily Devotions - The practice of acknowledging Deity in your life once or twice a day.

Deity (or Divinity) -Your understanding of a divine spiritual form: Spirit, God/dess or similar.

Deosil - Moving in a clockwise direction.

Divination -To foretell the future or check on past or current circumstances by using one's connection to Spirit, one's mind, and a chosen tool (Tarot cards, scrying, I-Ching, runes, astrology, cowry shells, and so on.)

Drawing Down the Moon - To connect with Spirit by drawing the power of the Moon into the body, mind, and spirit, usually during a ritual or rite. A way of honoring the Goddess.

Eclipse -When one heavenly body obscures another for a short period of time, creating a temporary veil or shadow. For example, a Solar (Sun) eclipse is when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, blotting out some or all of the Sun's light.

Elements - Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Witches believe also in a fifth element - Spirit.Empowering -Also called ''loading''. This means to fill an object with divine energy for a specific magickal purpose or manifestation.

Equal-armed Cross - A cross symbol with equally sized arms, used to seal a magickal working.

Esbat - The monthly meeting of Witches to celebrate the Full or New Moon. Most Witches use the term ''Circle,'' rather than Esbat, and many groups meet more than once a month. The meeting is much like the weekly celebrations you might have at a church. A Witch who works alone can hold an Esbat whenever, and as often as he or she would like. A solitary Esbat can last from fifteen minutes to over an hour. How you plan your ritual is up to you.

God/Goddess -Blanket titles for the universal male and female energy celebrated by the Witches. Together, their combined power equals Spirit.

Grounding - A meditation exercise that allows the mind to focus in a positive way on a specific visualization. To sink excel energy into the Earthor to calm rampant energy in the body. Grounding should be followed by centering.

Holy Water - Blessed, purified water for use in ritual. Salt or an herb may be added to the water as part of its ritual purification process. Water taken from a thunderstorm will react differently than water taken from the tap. Witches learn what various types of water can be used for.

Invocation - To call Spirit into a circle, ritual, rite or magickal working.

Lady - Title of honor for the Goddess.

Lord - Title of honor for the God.

Magick - The art and science of focusing your will and emotions to effect change both in the world around you and in the world within you. In itself, magick is neither good nor evil, positive nor negative. It is the use of the power that determines what kind of path it will take.

Meditations - Mental, stress-relieving exercises used to draw body, mind, and spirit into a single focus, in order to enhance the quality of life. Daily meditation practices help to promote a healthier outlook on life. Daily meditation practices help to promote a healthier outlook on life and can facilitate healing in the sick.

Moon Void of Course - An astrological term. At the end of each passage of the Moon through a sign (usually every two or three days) the Moon leaves behind her last aspect (sharing energy with another planet) and prepares to enter a new sign. At this point she is said to be ''Void of Course'' -- that is, without a course, or direction. This stage lasts from a few hours to a few days, during which strange things can happen. Avoid
making major decisions or planning important events.

Pentacle - A magickal symbol consisting of a pentagram - a five-pointed star -- pointing upward and enclosed by a circle. Worshipped by the ancients, its meaning is ''life'' or ''health''. It is worn as a symbol of a Witch's belief and used in magickal workings and ceremonies. Each point on the star relates to the five magickal Elements - Earth, Air, Fire, Water,
and Spirit. The Pentacle has never indicated anything evil, and if a person uses a pentacle and does nasty things it is a sure sign that they haven't a clue what they are doing.

Phases of the Moon - The stages of our Moon's journey around the Earth. One complete orbit of the Moon around the Earth is called a lunar cycle and takes just under a month. During its journey the Moon passes from New to Full and back to New, going through various stages in between, such as a Crescent Moon. There are eight Moon phases or stages (spread across four quarters) per cycle, and thirteen lunar cycles per year.
Planetary Hour - Also called a magickal hour. Divisions of night and day that are guided by astrological influences and the energies of the various planets. Most serious Craft books and astrological texts carry this information.

Quarters of the Moon -- Astronomical measurement of the Moon's cycle as it journeys around the Earth. The first and second quarters encompass the stages from New to Full Moon, while the third and fourth quarters represent the journey back from Full to New.

Sabbat -- A Witchcraft ceremony of honor acknowledging the eight
segments of the Wiccan year, the cycle of the seasons, and the influence of Spirit in our lives. There are eight Sabbats, also called High Holy Days.

Sacred Space - An area cleansed by the four elements and used for religious purposes. You can also create sacred space around your bed if you have trouble sleeping, are in a sick room, and so on.

Sacred Spiral - A Wiccan symbol that represents ''coming into being'' death and rebirth and the cycle of life. Single and double spirals were among the most sacred signs of Neolithic Europe, and the spiral still plays an important part in magickal workings.

Scrying Mirror - A mirror used for divination purposes. It is painted black on one side and dipped or painted with an herbal wash to enhance the power of its reflective surface. The mirror may also feature magickal sigils.

Sigil --A type of symbol. A magickally oriented seal, sign, glyph (sculptured character or symbol) or other device used in a magickal working. The most powerful sigils are those that you create yourself. Sigils can be used on letters, packages, clothing, paper, or tucked in your pocket.

''So Mote It Be'' - A much-used expression in WitchCraft. ''Mote'' means ''must'' in Old English, so the expression is saying: ''As I will, it must be done.''

Spell - A kind of prayer, spoken or unspoken, that may also use a variety of physical tools (herbs, string, candles, and so on) to help the practitioner's mind to focus on their desire.

Spirit - Your personal concept of God/dess -- the energy-force that ''runs'' the universe.

Talisman - An object - a gemstone, a drawing, whatever - that has been magickally charged and is then carried in order to help the bearer in some way. The charging of the talisman is most important; it can be discharged under running water. The word ''talisman'' is said to come from the Arabic words talis ma, or ''magick writing''. Talismans workunder planetary influences.

Widdershins - Moving in a counter-clockwise direction.
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terms used in magic I
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