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 Simple Chakra Charging

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PostSubject: Simple Chakra Charging   Mon Sep 28, 2009 11:37 am

Hold your hands before you, facing each other (ensure that the palms are about 2 inches apart). Concentrate on the space between them and on the palms of your hand. Eventually, you will feel a tingling sensation-this means that the chakras are getting activated. Now, imagine a tearing sensation on both palms. Mentally rip open your palm chakras. You will feel strong pressure. Wait about a minute to stabilize. Now feel the palms absorbing great quantities of light from the air. Imagine globules of light
streaming into both palms. It is important to feel the flow into the palms.
The palms will throb greatly and turn red.
You will allow the charging to proceed for five minutes UNTIL you feel a cessation of the flow. This means that absorption is no longer possible.

When the energy flow stops, imagine that the chakras are closing shut, like bank vaults. You are sealing in the energy to prevent leaks. Alternately, you can imagine blue light wrapping up the chakras. Blue light has the capacity to solder shut any open energy center.

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PostSubject: Re: Simple Chakra Charging   Tue Sep 29, 2009 1:06 pm

thanks...I was looking for something similar...will do the same...
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Simple Chakra Charging
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