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 Protecting Your Chakras

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PostSubject: Protecting Your Chakras   Mon Sep 28, 2009 9:20 am

The following is a good technique for protecting your aura. It is performed by
sitting in a meditative pose, closing your eyes and visualizing that you are
encircled by three old men (Saturn symbols) with sickles in their hands. They
should be visualized as tall, thin figures about 120 degrees apart. See them
cutting weeds around you in a counterclockwise movement. This can be done a few
minutes each day. Do you understand the symbolism of this? It is symbolic of
cutting away weeds tat have grown around you. These weeds are your own negative
thoughtforms. The three old men are also cutting away any seeds that will
potentially grow into future desires. The above technique is important to
perform for a long term protection of the aura, as it is an antidote against
karma that has not yet rippened.

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Protecting Your Chakras
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