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 Making incense

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PostSubject: Making incense   Mon Sep 28, 2009 8:28 am

I thought I'd post a way of making incense, as your own incenses, I find that granular incense is far more effective(and better smelling) then the commercial versions.

A very simple thing to do and what i find a very relaxing and therapeutic thing to do as well.

Incense has been used for thousands of years, in rituals it adds to the atmosphere, the smoke allows for manifestation, the scents change our perceptions and of course different plants and spices have there own magickal properties.

Look carefully at what you put into the mix and tailor it to the ritual.spell or whatever you are going to use it for. The priestesses herbal guide is rather fantastic and would be an excellent reference for this.

To burn granular incense you will need charcoal disks. Always remember to put these disks onto flame proof dishes and to make sure you douse it with water after use so they are no longer ''alive'', if you wish once it is finished with, bury the disk as an offering to the earth.

To make your incense you will need

a pestle and mortar(though for large quantities i have been known to use a coffee grinder)
A jar with a tightly fitting lid
A small plastic bag
Your selected herbs, woods, spices and resin
Essential oil(if using)

How to make the incense

First of all take the resin and grind it in the pestle and mortar until it is the same texture of granulated sugar.

Add your herbs, woods and spices all of which should be throughly ground and blended together.

Add the essential oil a few drops at a time. The amount you use will be dependent on your personal preference.

Point of note the blending of the incense is a very important step in two ways. The synergy between the ingredients and the that of your own personal energy, so take your time of this.

At this point dedicate the incense to its purpose.

Place the mixture in the bag(and tie) and then put into the jar and screw the lid on tightly. Leave the incense for 24 hours to let the perfumes intermingle with each other.

Also label the incense with date and time it was made and what it is to be used for. Also unless you need large quantities it is best to make it in small batches so it doesn't loose its potency

Blessed be LadyO
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Making incense
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