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 Healing soak

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PostSubject: Healing soak   Mon Sep 28, 2009 7:53 am

I recipe i came up with due to my partner suffering extremely painful feet. The little ritual with it is also of my own design, its right back to my roots, which i think its always important to go back an revisit now and again.Also i';ve never been much of a healer, but my rose quart was blessed by Aphrodite(for that effect) so thats why it has been included. This is obviously a very personal ritual so if you want to make changes and tweeks to suit your own way of viewing things, then go ahead see what else you can do with it! Anyway read and enjoy.

You will need
Pestle and mortar
small plastic bag
clear jar
pink candle(white will also do)
Rock salt
Rowan berries
Pink rose petals
Rose quartz crystal


Cleanse you space, face east and light the candle. Get yourself into a calm and focused state and let the energy flow freely.

Add the salt to the pestle and mortar, put your hands over the bowl and channel your energy into the salt and say "Creature of earth, i cleanse and purify you for use in my healing rite."

Add the rowan berries, and again repeat the channeling process and say "creature of healing, I cleanse and purify you for use in my healing rite."

Next add the rose petals, channel the energy into them and say "creature of love, I cleanse and purify you for use in my healing rite"

Next grind the ingredients together, as you do so, pass your energy into the mixture, thinking about what it is to be used for. Also say "Salt, rowan and rose together, combine to make the pain get better(i know a bit cliche maybe but hey it worked for me!).

Next take the crystal, sit with it and meditate on its energy and form a connection with it. If you want ask your deity for help, call out to them and let there power channel through into the crystal. Once you feel ready take the the mixture and place it into the bag. Put it in the jar and place the crystal on top of it.

Screw the lid on firmly so the scent keeps and leave until you wish to use it.

Blessed be LadyO
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Healing soak
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