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 War water

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PostSubject: War water   Mon Sep 28, 2009 1:59 am

War water is a old remedy used for protection. It used to be drunk, to help protect, also can be bathed in or sprinkled on a door way of a house.

For war water you will need.

Coffin nails
Spring water
a jar

The process is a simple one. Put the coffin nails in the jar and fill it up with water, as your doing this focus on the reasons its being made and screw the lid on firmly.

Over the next week or so the nails will begin to rust, as you use it just keep topping up with water. If at any point the water becomes stagnant, tip it out and restart again.

Also if you wish to use war water for a less then benevolent purpose, you can make malevolent war water. Same process but add things such as sulfur, urine and the like(obviously do not make anyone drink it)

blessed be LadyO
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War water
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