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 seeing the Ether

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PostSubject: seeing the Ether   Sun Sep 27, 2009 6:17 pm

Seeing the Ether
One of the first ways you can experience the energy field around your own body is with your hands. It's very simple to do and the results are often very surprising to people who have never seen or felt the energy around them. Find a comfortable spot in a room which is neither too dark nor too bright. Simply hold your hands one to three inches apart, keeping the palms facing each other and the fingers slightly curved. Focus your eyes on the space between your fingers. At first you may only get a fleeting impression of a flicker of light. But as you allow yourself to relax and accept that something is in fact taking place before your eyes, the slight, almost non-existenct flicker appears to become almost a stream, though not one of any great brightness or intensity. Occasionally a spark may appear to jump between your fingers.

Now move your hands, bringing them closer together and farther apart without letting them touch. You will notice a slight heat, tingling or almost a sensation of pressure as something seems to be suspended between your hands. As you move them in different ways , always keeping the palms facing each other and the fingers slightly curved and never allowing the distance between them to exceed three inches, you will feel differences in the way the energy flows. And soon you will see that there is a indistinct blob of whitish energy like a ball of very diffuse fog. You will feel this ball change shape like dough, tingling as it does. This is a concentrated form of the etheric energy which surrounds your whole body. As you train your eye to see it and repeat this exercise regularly you will more and more easily bring it into being and learn to see this energy around yourself and others.
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seeing the Ether
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