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PostSubject: Theurgia-Goetia   Sun Sep 27, 2009 4:54 pm

In the Middle Ages, the term “Theurgy” was usually meant to imply “high magick,” or the methods of working with good spirits. (Literally, theurgia means “God-working.”) Thus, the Theurgia-Goetia was so named to indicate its contents of both good and evil spirits. Unlike the more feral Goetic demons, these spirits were organized into a functional cooperation, assigned to the points of the compass. In total, there are thirty-one chief princes, who are each provided with an incomprehensible number of servient spirits. The name of each chief and several of his servitors, all with seals included, is recorded- making for a shockingly large collection. Conjurations, all identical in form, are provided with each group along the way. Yet, even with this large number of spirits to choose from, the preamble to the text describes them in a very singular fashion:

The offices of these spirits are all one, for what one can do the others can do also. They can shew and discover all things that is hidden and done in the world: and can fetch and carry or do any thing that is to be done or is contained in any of the four Elements Fire, Air, Earth and Water, &c. Also, they can discover the secrets of kings or any other person or persons let it be in what kind it will.

The introductory material describes the Theurgia as “…one which treateth of Spirits mingled of Good and Evil Natures, the which is entitled The Theurgia-Goetia, or the Magical Wisdom of the Spirits Aerial, whereof some do abide, but certain do wander and bide not.” This leads me to the suspicion that these spirits are in some way connected to the stars or other astronomical concerns.
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